The Church Scandal (Episode 25)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 29, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 25)

Nduke tried to stop her fall when Uduak landed her a hard slap on the cheek. Dragging her out of the house, and pulling her out from the door. Chills snaked up Nduke’s spine.

When Inibehe rushed out to see what was happening, he could not believe his eyes. He pushed Uduak off Nduke and she fell on the sandy ground.

“Get your hands off me you cheating bastard!” Uduak cried out. “Do I really deserve all of these? Isn’t it too much? So she was the one, she was the girl you’d dated back in London?”

“Uduak stop this! You’re trying to cause a scene here and it’s not worth it.”

“Go to hell!” She yelled and flew at Nduke, and slapped her hard again.

Nduke didn’t fight back, she didn’t lift a hand. She knew how bittered Uduak felt.

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 1)

“Husband snatcher, pretender, prostitute! Sleeping with my husband! God will punish you and punish you well!” Inibehe dragged her off Nduke and tried to protect Nduke from Uduak. He’d never seen Uduak that angry before. Nduke stayed calm and began to sob softly.

“Crocodile tears, mammy water, look at you ashawo! ashawo fifty kobo! akpadino awaga iso ibaaaa! I will show you pepper in this town if you don’t leave my marriage in peace. Fake pastor o!” She clapped her hands and threw at her, she did this continuously.

“Uduak, leave!” Inibehe yelled. “Leave, don’t hurt her anymore, just leave. I don’t wanna lay my hands on you, just leave!” He added angrily. Inibehe had always known that Uduak was a mad dog since from childhood, but he had never seen her display in this kind of scenario before.

“No I will not leave this compound without you. I will not! If that ashawo behind you.” pointing a finger at Nduke. “has bewitched you, I will bring it out of your body today!” She flew at him and held his shirt, but Inibehe held her hands tight. “Uduak, if my hands should touch you, you might die!”

“Kill me today. Like mother like son!” Uduak yelled angrily.

Inibehe’s eyes widened and he seemed ludicrously shocked at her blatant words.

“Why do you have to mention my mother in this?”

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 2)

“Because you have your mom’s slutty blood running in your veins!” Inibehe rushed at her, but Nduke held him tight. “Please, never lay your hands on woman out of anger. You’re a gentle man, don’t pass the boundary.” Nduke said softly, there were sands all over her body.

Uduak laughed aloud crazily.

“Just look at. Deceive yourselves. I have regretted falling in love with you cheat. I wish I can come out of it that easily. But your whore of a mother promised that you were going to be my loving husband. She said it! She convinced your father, and they both agreed. But if I had known that you were going to be this useless! I would have disgraced that whore of a woman called Valerie, she will rot in hell!” She said, laughing out loud.

“What are you talking about? What did my mother do to you that you render insults on her even in death?”

“Your mother took my father away from my mother. I caught them six Years ago, sleeping with each other on my mother’s matrimonial bed when she’d left for pilgrimage in Jerusalem. They’d done it countless times, and I always caught them. of course I wanted to tell the church, and expose them. But they’d begged. They knelt down and said I should ask for what I wanted, and I said ten million naira and you. She offered them. But you turned to be useless to me. She never wanted anyone to hear of this, and I kept the secret for years, I couldn’t even tell my own mother!” She cried out loud.
“You still need me to keep the secret, or I will tell everyone of your mother’s frivolous life with my father, Bishop ebebe.” She clapped and then laughed. “It’s going to make the headline news, your father will hear of it, every member of Rhapsody world wide will hear of it, the church will stop flourishing, and everyone will vanish! kpom! into the thin air. And when the news gets cold, I will then narrate the story that happened this moment. How I caught my husband, the popular pastor Inibehe Okoko, son of Bishop Cosmos Okoko sleeping with his assistant the prostitute Nduke!”

 Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 19)

“Do not call her that! Go to hell, tell whoever cares to hear about what you’ve seen, tell them all the dirty secrets.Now get out of here now!” Inibehe yelled angrily and dragged her out of the compound, locking the gate with a bolt.

His heart was heavy with all the words Uduak said to him about his mom and her Dad. Tears ran down his eyes as he walked toward Nduke and hugged her tight to himself. “They used me to cover their dirty secrets.” He muttered.

He felt saved in her hands as he wept bitterly.