The Church Scandal (Episode 24)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 13, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 24)

Tears blurred her vision when Inibehe told her that they were expecting a baby. She’d thought of the people she was going to hurt; the people who believed in her, the church members; her foster mother and the way people will look at her.

Inibehe was Uduak’s husband, and everyone knew that. Nobody was going to understand why she had to get pregnant for someone’s husband.

Being a pastor was going to give people the guts to say more.

Inibehe didn’t care about what people might think. All he knew was that he was having a baby with the love of his life. He’d bought her roses and love cards from the gift store.

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He drove her home that same day in her car, and after he’d bath her and made her dinner, he carried her in his arms and placed her on the sofa, putting the remote control in her hands, he kissed her on the forehead.

“I will be back in a jiffy. Let me shower and get some stuffs at home.” He drove home thinking about his unborn child. And the amazing life that he was going to have with the love of his life. He was going to prepare for the coming of his child. He knew that stormy days were close, and he had to prepare for it.

As soon as he got home, he threw his phone on the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

Uduak walked into the bedroom, a message entered Inibehe’s phone and she rushed at it. “Don’t forget to buy suya love.”

Uduak’s heart was on fire when she saw the name ‘My love’ in her husband’s phone as the messenger. She wondered who it was. She took the number and dialed it in her phone. But it wasn’t available at the moment.

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When she heard that the shower had stop running, she knew that he had finished having his bath. She placed the phone back where she saw it and sneaked back to the seat.
Inibehe came out and was surprise to see her.

“Hey Udy…”

“How did it go? I mean pastor Nduke’s health?” She asked, pretending to be nice.

“She is fine now. I’d expected you and the other pastors at the hospital.”

“I ordered them not to come.” She said arrogantly.


“Because you took it upon your head to carry her in your hands like she is your wife.”

“urg, see, Uduak, I am not ready for that discussion right now.” He said.

He took his clothes to the bathroom, wore them and appeared in the bedroom. He inserted his laptop In a bag, carried his ATM cards…

“Why are you carrying those? won’t you come back home tonight?” Uduak asked curiously.

“No. I won’t. I will be sleeping over at a friend’s place.

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“Watch me.” Inibehe sprayed his perfume on his body, carried his phone and walked out on her, slamming the door behind him.

Uduak wore a shirt on a jean and ran downstairs.

She could not believe herself when she saw that her husband was driving Nduke’s car. She began to feel heat rushing in her body.
When Inibehe drove off, she went to the boys quarters and screamed Faro’s name aloud.

“Madam oh…” He replied with a shaky loud tone.

“Drive me to pastor Nduke’s house right now. ” She ordered.

Faro hurriedly got the car keys and drove straight to Nduke’s house. Uduak’s heart was beating.
Faro had wondered what was happening. Why madam had woke him up from sleep to suddenly visit pastor Nduke.
When Faro arrived Nduke’s house, he stopped the car.

“Madam na here. Na pastors quarters be this.”

Uduak alighted from the car, she could hear the sound of her beating heart. She dialled Nduke’s number in her phone again, and when she saw that it was ringing, she placed it on her ear.

“Hello, pastor Nduke on the line, who is this?” Nduke said calmly.

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Uduak stood by the car and wept softly when she discovered it was Nduke her husband saved in his phone as ‘my love.’ She hung up the call and cried.

All the things she’d suspected, she had come to find out it were true. Nduke and her husband smelled of the same perfume. She wiped her eyes and boldly walked into the compound.

“You didn’t buy the suya?” Nduke asked Inibehe as she searched through his bag.

“You didn’t ask me to get you suya.”

“I did. check your phone. I sent a message to you.”

There was a loud knock on the door, Nduke stood up and walked slowly toward the door, she clicked it open and when she saw Uduak standing right there with a teary face, uncomfortable with the depth of her feeling she knew that she’d found out about them.

“Who’s there honey?” Inibehe asked from the kitchen. But Nduke was still mute.

Uduak’s eyes met with the necklace on Nduke’s neck, it was the exact necklace she’d always seen on Inibehe’s neck. She pulled it out of her neck and opened the pendant immediately, and she could feel turmoil and frustration rolling through her when she saw the picture of her husband in that pendant.