The Church Scandal (Episode 21)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 10, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 21)

A throaty chuckle traveled down her spine.

Nduke’s face flushed a deep, dangerous crimson and her chest rose and fell like a neap tide.

“Oh my God!” Nduke squealed. “What a surprise visit!” She added. Inibehe had rose from the seat to pay more attention to who Nduke was talking to.

Smiling her ferocious social smile, she closed the door behind her and was so uncomfortable within herself.
They were the girls from the youths choir, and there were seven of them.

“We’ve come to help you do house chores and some cleaning pastor Nduke.” One of the girls said excitedly.

The Church Scandal (Episode 11)

“Oh my dears, thank you so much. I do not have chores or anything to do now. I did that yesterday. Thanks a lot.” Nduke said, smiling sheepishly.

“We saw pastor’s car parked here. Is he inside?” Another girl asked girlishly.

“Oh no my dear…” Nduke blushed. “He brought it for my mechanic to handle it.” She added.

“Okay pastor, bye bye God bless you.” The Girls said in unison as they prostrated and walked out of the compound.

She inhaled a deep breath and went inside the house.

Inibehe waited at the sitting room for her; smiling. When she saw his face she began to laugh. “I was so damn scared!” she exaggerated.

“I know. I heard from your voice.” Inibehe said and laughed out so loud.

Memorable July ( Episode 4 )

“What if it was Uduak?” Inibehe asked staring at her eyes. She shrugged.

“She doesn’t know here. I don’t wanna talk about her.”

He smiled as if he knew exactly what she meant. He closed the distance between them, stroking the fire of curling desire building low in her belly.

“You’re eating me up alive with that look. Do you know I used to dream about how we got married on the island and our house was built in the middle of a Marathon street in London. And just us lived in this world and no one else.”

He said thickly.

She laughed out so loud, excitingly staring at his face. He pulled her blouse up through her head. She smelled of sweat and cologne, of freshly mowed grass and sunscreen lotion. And such a combination was so unbearably stimulating for Inibehe.

Memorable July (Episode 2)

“You’re gorgeous my love.” he whispered wondrously. “You’re my everything. And God brought us together for good. You will remain the love of my life.”

The prayer came from his soul, a whispered plea to heavens for help.

He carried her in his arms and walked to the bedroom.

He laid her carefully on the bed and began to kiss her incredibly. The kiss started out as soft as a sigh, as potent as an explosion. Every nerve in her body short circuited. His mouth moved with slow deliberation, tasting, sampling, savoring. The kiss lasted forever, over in the blink of an eye. She parted her lips, staring at him helplessly. He smiled and lowered his mouth to hers once more. He probed the hot, moist cavern of her mouth with his tongue.

Oty’s Autopsy (episode 8)

He’d been there in her house for hours, making love to her. His phone rang countless times, but he didn’t answer the call.

His sister Sifon called, his father and his wife. When he was done, and he stared directly at the phone, he’d wondered why his father and his sister called almost at the same time.

His expression went from frowning concern to careful neutrality.

Not long after he wore his clothes, a text message got into his phone. “I will be at your office tomorrow, something important to discuss with ya. cheers, baby sister.”

Memorable July  (Episode 6)

After he read it, he was relieved. It was almost twelve midnight. He clasped his hands in Nduke’s hand and prayed for few minutes. And after the prayers he kissed her and drove home.

When he got to his gate and Faro opened it, he was surprised to see his father’s car parked in the garage. “Faro!” he called out his driver.

“Sa!” Faro ran to where he stood.

“What’s happening in the house. Why is Daddy here?”

Memorable July (Episode 3)

“I don’t know sir. He came here since 7pm. I hear as madam dey cry for am, him dey tell am sorry.” Faro said.

Inibehe now had an idea why his father was in his house. He boldly walked into his sitting room and when his father saw him he wouldn’t let him say a word. He walked toward him and gave him a thunderous hard slap on his cheeks.

“Where are you coming from Udo?” He asked with a baritone voice. Inibehe held his cheeks and experienced a quiver of fear.

Uduak was sitting down on the single sofa. She was mute all through the Bishop’s presence.

“I ask you again Udo, where are you coming from? You keep your wife lonely at night and go to God knows where.

From today let it stop! We gave you a driver, but you go out alone!” He yelled.

Memorable July Episode 9

“You married her for me. Take her along with you as you’re going out.” Inibehe said and walked away.

“Udo come back here! Even your elder brother has never walked out on me!”

Inibehe slammed his bedroom door, and slept off.

The next day, Uduak would visit her mother and pour out her heart to her.

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