The Church Scandal (Episode 20)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 1, 2018

Months after Nduke had become accustomed to her new church as an assistant pastor, everything changed.
Inibehe’s life changed. He changed toward his marriage.

It was on a Sunday morning, Nduke stood on the podium and preached about God’s mercies. Inibehe stared at her and wished the whole church knew she was the woman he’d first gotten married to, the woman he was really in love with.

He’d started keeping late nights since Nduke’s relocation to his church. He’d made love to her several times in his office, in his car and her house.

Uduak would yelled every night, reported him to bishops and his father, but he only became worse.

The Church Scandal (Episode 19)

After the Sunday service, Nduke took pictures with the youth choir and walked toward her car, when Uduak saw that she was leaving, she walked fast toward her.

“Have you and my husband met before?” Uduak asked. Nduke was surprised to have Uduak behind her. She rarely spoke with her, she only answered her good mornings and good nights in a cold manner.

“I don’t understand ma.” Nduke said quietly.

“I don’t care if you do.”

“I don’t still understand ma.”

“Pastor Nduke, my husband stares at you lustfully, when you preach, when you walk into the church he loses control and doesn’t give attention to any other thing…”

The Church Scandal (Episode 18)

“I haven’t noticed that ma…”

“Do not interrupt! Has my husband made advances at you before?”

Nduke giggled, she was amazed that the all mighty Uduak would approach her to say these things.

“Pastor Inibehe is a good man. Whatever you think about him, I don’t know. He is your husband, you should know him better than I do.”

“Are you aware that he keeps late nights? Do you suspect if he is sleeping with one of these choristers?”

Nduke shrugged. “He is a pastor ma. He has responsibilities. Maybe he has been attending to church people.”

The Church Scandal (Episode 17)

“Pastor Nduke, I do not like you near my husband. I don’t like to see you two talk, he is different when he talks to you, and I am not comfortable with it. I don’t care who you are in this church, but when I become even more uncomfortable with you around him, I will write to the church admin that you should be transfered to another branch.” Uduak said meanly and walked away.

Nduke drove off thinking of the things Uduak said to her that afternoon at the church.

She became emotional. She had a Sunday lunch date with Inibehe. She had made Afang soup and wheat, chilled the fruit wine she’d brought from London, she’d kept it for special dates.

Uduak’s words didn’t move her. She only felt heartbroken that Uduak referred to Inibehe as her husband.

The door clicked open and her heart sunk when she saw that it was Inibehe. He had a big shopping bag that contained groceries. He kissed her on the lips and helped her display the stuffs he bought on her kitchen shelf. He’d bought her favorite perfume. It was the same perfume he was using too.

“Thank you.” She said softly and kissed him. “I made soup.” She added, holding his hands to the dinning table.

The Church Scandal (Episode 11)

Moments later they were done eating. He enjoyed the food, it was obvious. He rushed to the bathroom and brushed his mouth with her toothbrush, rinsed it thoroughly and went to the kitchen to help her wash the dishes. And when they were done, he wiped his hands and held her backwardly.

“Your wife threaten…” She paused. Took a deep breath and corrected herself “Uduak threatened to transfer me to another branch if you keep staring at me in church.”

Inibehe laughed and dragged her closer to himself.

“Empty threats. She won’t do that. She knows I like you.” He said with a boyish grin. “but she doesn’t know what’s going on. Does it really matter if she knows?”

He slowly swept her from hair to toe with a gaze of masculine appreciation. His impossibly beautiful eyes shuttered with a slumberous look of desire.

“I keep loving you even deeper. I try to get out of this but it’s not working.” She said softly in his arms.

Inibehe smiled, a slow, sensual smile.

Memorable July (Episode 1)

“Nobody can hurt you or take you away from me anymore. You’re my soulmate.”

He said and began to kiss her lips bit by bit. Her brain stopped functioning. Fantasies, memories, erotic dreams all flooded into her awareness in a rush.

Inibehe knew if he attempted making love to her, she would dissolve. If he didn’t, she would die.

He reached out. The room receded. Lightly, almost reverently, he threaded his fingers in her dreadlocks.

“You’re the love of my life. I am never tired of you.”
Mutely, she stared at him.

The door bell suddenly rang. The amount of Adrenaline pumping through her body couldn’t possibly be a good


She stared at Inibehe. .
“stay here, don’t come out.” She whispered to his ears. But he didn’t care whoever it was.

She walked slowing toward the door, clicked it open and her heart fell, she became confused and totally ashamed.

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