The Church Scandal (Episode 19)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 24, 2018

Inibehe had wept bitterly like a child at the feet of Nduke. He didn’t know what to say to her anymore.

“Just go back to your wife. You’re a pastor, you shouldn’t be seen this way.”

Holding her gaze, he stood and pushed her to the wall and stared into her eyes.

“You’re my wife. You and I have been married. I made a blood oath with you, I made vows before God…”

“And who? Did we have a minister who joined us. Did your father approve of it? Does your family know me?”

“Love doesn’t recognize all those Bullshits. God doesn’t either. I love you, I married you a year ago by the beach side in London, I came back in search of you at london so we could wed in court which is even more legal and recognized everywhere in the world.”

She began to sob softly, struggling to get out of his arms. Raising her chin with his fingers he tried to kiss her, but she protested.

“We can’t do this Ini.”

The Church Scandal (Episode 16)

“We can! that is what the society wants, this is what my father wants to see, this is what I want! I don’t care who I am anymore. I love you, you’re my life. My soul is tied to yours!”

“You’re a pastor and married!” Nduke yelled.

Inibehe quivered. “And if I denounce myself as a pastor will that make you mine again?”

“God forbid. You can’t do that.” she whispered.

“I can.” She leaned into that caress without thought, automatically turning her face into his palm. It had been so long. She felt his breath against her cheek. Her heart fluttered wildly in anticipation of his lips on hers once more.

Lighting flared, a catalyst that knifed through the chaos of her emotions.

She had missed him, same as he had missed her too. The sharpened image from the past drew them closer, it was the power of the bond they’d shared in the past.

The Church Scandal (Episode 16)

She touched her necklace with one hand, and he touched his. It was for the remembrance of the strong blood oath they did in the past.

Inibehe was hungry for her. She was his wife. And he was now ready to do anything for her to stay.

Kisses hotter than fire. Hands that sought then found. Incredible sensations. Pleasure and need so explosively raw it trembled on the edge of the world.

The moan startled her.

His moan. And it came a longing so poignant it brought the threat of tears even closer.

His heart reminded him that he was a man of God, he was people’s mentor and a role model, but he said he was madly in love with the girl who will make him achieve the dreams God had for him .

He spent lots of moments kissing her lips alone.

The Church Scandal (Episode 17)

She raised her hands in surrender, allowing him eat her whole body. And he kissed it, he put her on the couch and licked her body like she’d poured honey and chocolate on it.

His phone rang, it was his wife Uduak. He didn’t look at it to see who the caller was, he didn’t care anymore. Right there and then, he was with his favorite person in the world, and no one else mattered.

His mouth was doing incredible things to hers. His hands held her, stroking gently. She could die from the sensation alone. He made her want with intense yearning. She uttered a tiny sound of demand, her body sang with need.

He wanted to spend the night at her house and be part of her life forever. But No, she would not accept. She felt too fragile by letting him back in her life so easily. She wanted to make him suffer. But she would have suffered her heart too.

Stifling heat filled her sitting room despite the air conditioner she’d left on while she went for church service. She struggled to sort dream from reality.

Inibehe had been making love to her. She’d felt it before. But someone really was making love to her, and he was the man she’d fallen sick for, prayed for that the lord should bring them back together.

Thank you to the Men who Look at Me & See More than just a Good F*ck. {Adult}

When Inibehe was done, he certainly looked like fantasy. Sweats coated all through his body. His lightly tanned skin glistened in the hot.

He was breathtakingly gorgeous. She watched him wear his clothes and Knott his tie.

He kissed her again before he dashed out of the door. He gave her a heart stopping smile, winked and waved cheerfully.


At about pass 1a:m, he blew his horn and drove into his compound. His driver Faro, and his wife were anxiously waiting outside, in the cold.

“Inibehe Okoko Where have you been? You left the church without alerting me!” Uduak yelled just when he alighted from the car.

His unconcerned attitude flooded her with heat.

“Welcome sir.” Faro greeted and collected his brief case.

He walked into the house without a word. He wasn’t acting like a man who had just offended his wife. He acted like a man who had just found something he’d lost, and he wasn’t ready to let it slip off his hands ever again.

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