The Church Scandal (Episode 18)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 17, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 18)

Nduke. So vibrantly beautiful.

Inibehe had been too distracted by her beauty to concentrate on anything besides her.

Uduak and evangelist Bassey had started wondering what was happening when Inibehe realized where he was; in the presence of his wife.
His heart was still beating when he lowered himself on the chair.

Uduak and Evangelist Bassey were surprised, Inibehe had never stood in respect of anyone before. Not even his father nor her.

Uduak had stared at Nduke from her head to her feet. She admired her designers shoes, she loved the scent of her perfume, she liked her dreadlocks, and she adored her beauty. But she detested her at first sight. She’d just pretended to love her to avoid misunderstanding with her husband. There was something about Nduke that made her so insecure.

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“Young lady, welcome to our Church. You will sign the church service oath letter and the driver will take you to your apartment while you get your official car later in the evening.” Uduak finally said when she realized her husband was lost of words.

“Thank you ma.” She said calmly and took a pen from her wallet, She took several deep breaths before she signed the paper shakily, and walked out of the office in her elegant orange colored gown.

Inibehe had lost his mind.

“What was that for?” Uduak asked.

Inibehe forced his attention to Uduak.

“Nothing, her face is familiar. It seems I met her in London at a time.” He lied.

“Of course it’s possible you met her in School. I was wondering why you acted strange like she was a goddess.” She said jealously.

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Inibehe giggled uncomfortably.

“I will be leaving now. Let me go prepare for midweek service.” Uduak said and walked out of the office.

Inibehe touched his neck chain and then the pendant attached to it. He clicked it open for the first time in a long while, and he couldn’t help but weep when he saw her face in it. It had not changed. She was still beautiful as ever.
He didn’t know what to say to convince her that he was still crazily in love with her. He saw hardness in her eyes when she realized he was the senior pastor she’s going to serve under. He could not concentrate on the laptop anymore, he sat there, thinking about her and staring at her signature.


Inibehe still lived in her heart. She knew it, but she was not ready to stare at him in the eye ever again. If she had known she was going to be sent to his church branch in Nigeria she would have chosen America or London for her country choice of posting. But her foster mother really wanted her to be around home.

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After the mid week service, pastor Inibehe introduced Nduke as the new assistant pastor. The church welcomed her excitedly and in unison. Some of the youth members came to greet her. Everyone loved Nduke at first sight, she was stunning and loveable.

The official car and the papers were handed over to her by evangelist Bassey. It was a red colored Toyota Matrix, He’d wanted to drive her home, but she delightedly said “I can drive. I won’t need a driver.”

“Congratulations Pastor.” Evangelist Bassey said with a smile. Nduke nodded humbly.

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She drove home that night, listening to gospel artiste’s Progress Effiong’s Ama song over the radio. She sang along, and even whistled the lyrics with her mouth. By the time she got to her new luxurious apartment, Inibehe’s car was already parked inside. She didn’t know who it was at first, but she knew that car carried her from the airport to the church. She wondered if the person in the car already had a spare key to the house.
She wanted to eat, sleep and study her bible later at midnight, and not attend to any welcoming meeting from anyone.

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When she alighted from her car and checked inside the other car to find out who it was, she didn’t see anyone. She strode into her apartment and clicked it open with the keys. The scent of masculine perfume could be perceived from the entrance to the house.

She switch on the light and her heart trembled as she saw Inibehe sitting on her couch. She paused, and attempted running out, but he ran after and grabbed her. locking the door and hiding the keys away from her.

“Get out of my house!” She yelled with a broken voice, she had almost cried it out.

“I came to look for you in London. I came so that we could have a secret wedding, and runaway to a country where we could start life together.” Inibehe cried out and knelt by her feet.

“Get out! Go to your wife! leave me alone. Go! Go! Go! You’ve hurt me enough! I almost died out of being lovelorn and sad. You destroyed me, you destroyed us! you walked down the aisle with another woman because you didn’t respect our love!” She cried bitterly.

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