The Church Scandal (Episode 17)

By Ikenga Chronicles June 10, 2018

Her eyes flew wide when the tip of his finger brushed her chin. She was already wanting him with her whole body. And when he began to kiss her, he didn’t like the kiss, it wasn’t passionate, but she did like it and it was passionate to her.

It was overwhelming to finally have her husband touch her. As reality penetrated,
she startled into an awareness when she knew he was really the one kissing her and removing her night wear from her body. He smelled like the morning mists that gathered over the field when the temperatures dropped.

The Church And The Divorced Woman: Holy Hypocrisy

A jarring rush of emotions fell on her. She took a shuddering breath. Her marriage was finally saved from the hands of a strange woman who had attempted buying her husband’s heart, for one year plus, he didn’t see the hand of her brassiere, and now he was right on the same bed with her, kissing her and about making love to her.

The next morning, she would call her mother, give her the good news and buy gifts for Prophetess Nene for saving her home.

She protested when he tried to pull her panties.

“Don’t worry, I will be gentle.” He said quietly.

She sank to the bed and relaxed her mind.

Ghost Husband (Episode 6)

Still, as she watched him remove his pyjamas, she’d wondered how he was going to feel when he discovers that she wasn’t a virgin that he thought she was.

Inibehe fell into her, it wasn’t what he expected. He was more careful, he’d expected to pass through a broken hymen. But he didn’t care. After he touched her, and rose to shower, coming back to sleep, she’d expected him to ask about her virginity. But surprisingly he didn’t.

“I am sorry.” She said softly.

“For what?” Inibehe asked looking amazed.

“For lying to you that I am a virgin. I had a boyfriend before I met you. He raped me.” She began to cry.

The Church Scandal (Episode 16)

“I didn’t marry you because you’re a virgin. Those things don’t matter to me. It won’t make you less human. You’re still my wife.” Inibehe said boldly and turned to sleep.

It was then that she noted that Prophetess Nene’s assignment really worked indeed.

Twisting around, she gave him her full attention and love. His face was strategically covered with his hands. All she could see was his mouth.

She found herself staring. He had sensual lips for a man, perfectly shaped. Lips that made a woman remember his kiss and want to return for more.

He was exhausted, although his body was relaxing. He was drifting to sleep and even forgot to pray.

No matter how much she’d convinced herself that Prophetess Nene’s assignment worked out, her instincts did not agree with her.

Bride Price Payment: A Stupid Tradition

She returned her attention to his face, she found that he was even more handsome while he slept. It was too hard to look away. Her feelings ran counter to everything she knew about him, her mother and herself. Now that he’d started loving her, she will reduce the attention she has for him to gain more love. She thought.

She let him slide his hand across her nape into her hair. But Inibehe hated being in the hands of a woman he wasn’t comfortable with, he slipped away and turned his back against her.


Two months later, the list for the new ordained pastors was out for postings In Nigeria. When the church Administrator evangelist Bassey took the list to Inibehe, he scanned through it and giggled. Uduak was sitting right opposite him.

Ghost Husband (Episode 6)

“Pastor, the driver just arrived with the new assistant pastor from Rhapsody in London. I wanted to find out if we should take her to the church’s pastors quarters at Ewet or you will see her first?”

“Her?” Uduak asked looking amazed. “Is she married?” Uduak asked again.

“No ma.” The evangelist replied.

“Ah! how can an ordained single female pastor be sent to our branch? She should be reposted back to London please.” Uduak said rudely.

“What is wrong with you? What is wrong with a female pastor working with us? You’re not a pastor, you’re my wife.

Every branch has one male and one female pastor. Except a pastor’s wife is a pastor too, that is when a branch won’t need an assistant.” Inibehe said softly, leaving Uduak’s face worried.

God, Lies, And Politics: Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Messianic Delusion

“Let her report here please to sign her church service oath letter.” Inibehe said with a sigh.

The evangelist walked out and appeared again with the assistant pastor.

“Welcome pastor, please what’s your name?”

Inibehe asked looking at his laptop. But he heard no reply immediately. Nduke was shocked, her legs were trembling.

My Village Is For Sale For N3M–Chinonso Nnabuike

She’d almost passed out, her heart was beating fast. When she noticed Uduak was sitting there and their wedding picture was right on the office wall, she stammered, “Nduke … pastor Nduke…”

The name had rippled his heart into pieces. Stirring memories. That memory still had the power to shame him. Her voice still had the power to lift his face from his laptop to her. He stood up from his seat immediately he saw that she was the one.

The images from the past was sharpened right there, before his wife and the evangelist.

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