The Church Scandal (Episode 13)

By Ikenga Chronicles May 14, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 13)

Though noon, the gray sun offered little warmth as Uduak and Inibehe danced into the reception hall. It was a large hall, filled with people. Inibehe had wondered where all these people came from. When he saw that Celebrity wedding presenters and video men where there, he knew that Nduke was going to see him on television. Her heart will be broken and she will cry all through the night thinking of the vows he’d made to Uduak.

Uduak forgot to Inhale when she knew she’d finally been joined together in holy matrimony with the man she loved. But Inibehe’s face had not changed; right from Church, there was no single smile that appeared by mistake. Embarrassed, he forced himself not to look away when the flash lights from the photographers twinkled on his dry face.

“Oboy, smile a bit, it’s your day.” Laurel whispered to his ears when they were about to cut the huge, tall classic 15 tiers cake Uduak’s mother ordered from the French bakery. Inibehe hadn’t paid any attention at the event. He was tensed, bittered and heart broken.

“Congratulations my darling inlaw.” Eno hugged Inibehe as she held his hands and walked away, out of the crowd of people who were presenting gifts to Sifon who was the chief brides maid and Laurel the best man.

Laurel had fallen in love with Sifon, but when he recalled what Inibehe said about the family agenda, he took his heart off her. They had exchanged phone numbers, Laurel wasn’t sure if this was going to work out. They’d better been good friends instead.

“I know what’s in your mind, in your heart. Follow it, whatever you did today was to impress the family. Your elder brother and I were fortunate to have loved each other, even when we married by proxy. I tried to let your mother out of our life affairs when we finally got married, I really tried.”

“I am hurt.” Inibehe said, bursting into a soft cry.

“Don’t be. Do what makes you happy, no matter the barrier. Life is once. You can make a mistake in every other aspect of life, but the mistake of a life partner isn’t what should be experienced.”

A stinking feeling settled over him.

“Why didn’t you say this to me since? We sat together in the car when were going to Essien Ukana for her introduction.” Inibehe said.

“Your brother was seating right next to me. Of course you know he wouldn’t have been happy to hear me say those things to you.”

Inibehe’s gaze shifted away to where Uduak stood. She was smiling and hugging guests. He exhaled and winced. More than anything, he wished this conversation wasn’t taking place.

“We will be leaving for America in two days. Your brother will tell you. May the lord Jesus dwell with you.” She whispered.

“Mommy see…see.” Her two year old daughter Mimi who was the little bride appeared in her white barbie gown, she showed her mother the bead that fell off from her dress.

Inibehe carried her joyously, turning her around playfully. It was the first time he’d smiled for the day.

Uduak stared at him from where she stood, and thought in her heart, that Inibehe was going to be a good father.


A day after the wedding, Uduak’s father, Bishop Ebebe had made reservations for their honeymoon in Scotland.
Uduak was excited as she reeled off words to Inibehe ” We are going to Indulge in all the Downton Abbey daydreams at the northern archipelago off the coast of Scotland with green-topped islands and sandstone cliffs. Take a day trip and stand in awe at the Neolithic Ring of Brodgar, an ancient and eerie ring of standing stones, northeast of Stromness. Experts still don’t know how the stones were brought there or what the circle means. With the weather moving in and the water lapping at the shore, it makes for a supernatural sights. Only rich people could afford places like that. We are lucky honey, the lord is good. We are gonna make love, I can’t wait to be deflowered by you my love, it’s a privilege huh?”

Inibehe stared at her in the face pitifully. He was going to take something precious from her, but yet he didn’t love her enough to deserve it. He shifted uncomfortably, for a moment, they regarded each other in mutual embarrassment.

Uduak wondered if he’d heard all what she said.

A hollow feeling opened in the pit of his stomach.

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