The Church Scandal (Episode 12)

By Ikenga Chronicles May 8, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 12)

looking at her perfectly fitted wedding gown, Uduak’s mother, Mrs Ebebe stared at her daughter in admiration. she was proud of her.

“I see love in your own eyes, I see joy. But I do not see love in his own eyes.” Mrs Ebebe said inquisitively.

“He loves me mama, he tells me that all the time.”

“Prophetess Nene was right then. She finally bought his heart for you. We should go back to complete the tying of your souls together with the holy padlocks, so that he can love you forever.”

“He does mama.” She retorted calmly before they moved to the church in the bridal convoy.

It was an exclusive wedding, the church auditorium was filled with influential guests from all over the world; mostly bishops and pastors. The church was lighted with chandeliers and expensive decorations. It was a big wedding.

Inibehe’s best friend Laurel was his best man, he’d come from Jamaica for his friend’s wedding.

“Guy, I know the woman you love has no money, no name, no clout, no connections. The woman you’ve finally chosen for a wife is a hoyden. I have met her once at ministers conference at Lagos. She can’t be compared to Nduke”

He said with a sincere tone.

Inibehe nodded.

The image of Nduke had brought smile to his lips, even as the memories of her refused to vanish.

“Did my dad tell you of this wedding?” Inibehe asked.

“Nope. your elder brother called me few weeks ago, sent me a ticket cash and said I was going to be your best man. I tried calling you to find out why this sudden unexpected wedding. Your number didn’t go. I just had to come. Now I am here. mehn, why didn’t you call to say I was gonna be your best man?” Laurel asked.

“I don’t know. You know this isn’t what I Want. My family’s agenda has always been the ministry, married to whoever mom gives you and then back to the family business which is going back to the ministry.” He said as Laurel helped him button his suit.

Laurel skidded to a halt when he spied the brandy snifter. “I thought you hated brandy?”

“I need to have more of that before I walk down that aisle.” Inibehe said as he poured some of it into a glass and gulped down immediately. Laurel looked at him amazingly.

“Oboy! what happened to you? I need that too.” Laurel said and got the glass from him, he poured his own drink and gulped it down his throat too.

They sat down and talked about London and Nduke for a long time without remembering what day it was. Their conversation was interrupted by Inibehe’s phone. When he saw that it was his father calling, he remembered that he was getting married that day.

Uduak had almost cried when she waited in the car for so long and didn’t see her groom.
She suddenly smiled from afar when she saw his car entering the church premises.

“He is here” the people around her whispered joyously.

As Inibehe alighted from the car he smiled. He’d been twenty two years when his mother told him he was going to marry Uduak Ebebe. He’d taken it as one of his mother’s wishes, but it didn’t occur to him that she meant it.

“You will love her as your own and take her as your wife.” So today, even in a hurry he’d remembered every single word his loving mother said. He’d granted only one wish she’d wanted, and that was getting married to Uduak, loving her was something he never thought of.

When he was almost at the podium, he turned back for one final look to see if he was going to see Nduke.

A moment later, Uduak walked down the aisle in the arms of her rich father. She was obviously happy.

Inibehe stared at her as she walked down to him, she was beautiful and attractive, but not like his Nduke. He’d wished it was his Nduke who was walking toward him. He’d already imagined what she would have looked like, a fairytale princess in her dreadlocks.

When Uduak smiled at Inibehe with that open, innocent smile, he stopped thinking about Nduke.

He made up his mind to get her off his heart and replace her with his lawfully wedded wife.

When Bishop Charisma asked “Is there anyone who doesn’t want this marriage to hold?” There was great silence that only the sound of ceiling fans was heard from the large crowd.

Inibehe had wished that Nduke had stood up to claim him as the man who had promised to love her forever and no one else. But the time had passed. By the time his thoughts were over, he exchanged marital vows.

There was an edginess to his voice that bellied his casual slouch when he said “Yes I do.” He knew in his inner mind, that at this time, the mouth speaks not what the heart thinks. He was lying and he knew it.