The Church Scandal (Episode 11)

By Ikenga Chronicles April 29, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 11)

Wind swept against the house, rattling the bank of windows with a mournful howl. Inibehe thrust his hands into his pocket and brought out his new phone. Not that there was anything to see, apart from the prewedding pictures he took with Uduak. He was at his new apartment at shelter Afrique; The beautiful mansion his father built for him alongside with one of the biggest churches in Uyo.

The Opulent house was as silence as a grave yard. The compound had been designed like a British house, and with a privacy In mind. Thick stands of evergreens sheltered the house and the outbuildings from prying eyes.
Alongside the house, a jeep and a driver was given to him too.

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“You have made your mother and I proud.” Bishop Cosmos said as he gave Inibehe the car keys.

Running his hand through his hair, he wondered what Nduke was doing at that moment. He gazed into the dark, richly panelled office he had in his house. The scent of old cigar smoke lingered in the dark burgundy carpeting and the expensively upholstered guest chairs.

The room lamps seemed like it wasn’t working. As if the bulbs were taken out of it, and it stayed there in darkness. Inibehe knew just how the lamp felt; Like him, what brightened his life had been taken away from him, he thought.

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could almost feel Nduke’s presence with him in the room. He strode to the ornately carved serving table, uncorked the heavy lead crystal decanter and poured himself a snifter of the very expensive brandy he’d secretly bought from London. He hated brandy, he hated alcohol, yet it seemed oddly appropriate at the moment.

He lifted the glass in mocking salute to his imaginary Nduke. “One love my heart desire.” And he swallowed a healthy dose of the thick syrupy alcohol. Instantly, liquid fire seared a path straight down his throat. He managed not to choke.

There was a delicate knock and Uduak went inside the room without waiting for his response. Her gaze went straight to the glass in his hand and her worried expression deepened.

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“You’re taking alcohol on our wedding eve?” She asked with a disturbed tone.

Inibehe had forgotten the next day was his wedding, It just occurred to him that he was getting married the next day to a girl he’d hated from childhood.

“You’re not supposed to be here until after the wedding. It’s a taboo. Get out…”

“What’s going on here? A pastor isn’t supposed to have alcohol in his house. it is sinful.”

“Don’t pull a scene here, just get out. We will meet tomorrow in church.”

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“No I won’t!” Uduak said tearily and walked slowly toward him. She glided forward, letting her soft fingers linger against his skin in subtle invitation. Her perfume mingled with the scent of brandy.

“I have loved you since we were teenagers.” She kissed his forehead.

“Tomorrow we will be getting married.”

All Inibehe heard was Nduke’s voice, all he saw was her face on Uduak’s body.

He held her face with one hand and began to kiss her.

Uduak became excitedly surprise.

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“My 28 days fasting has worked, thank you Jesus!” She muttered. “This is incredible, you’re kissing me.” She tried to mutter some words while she responded to his kisses.

“I am in love with a girl in London.” Inibehe said tipsily.

“We definitely don’t want to stir up a lot of negative talk here. Don’t ever say that to me again. The lord has taken her far, far away from you.” She said with a frown.

Inibehe ignored her rebuke.

Uduak couldn’t help but hug him tight to herself.

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“Tomorrow, you will be my husband.”

Her hand lingered against his skin. As she gazed at him earnestly, all he saw on her was the picture of Nduke. He couldn’t miss the subtle invitation in her eyes. poised, confident, experienced, Inibehe was sexy, intelligent and attractive.

“I have to sleep well. Tomorrow we shall meet in Church and then we shall tie our own bond.” He watched the subtle sway of her hips as she left, closing the door behind her. But he’d only imagine Nduke in her, all he saw was Nduke.