The Church Scandal (Episode 10)

By Ikenga Chronicles April 23, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 10)

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Prophet Nathaniel’s edifice was as big as Bishop Cosmos’ edifice. They were both influential and wealthy men but one person submitted to the other.

Bishop Cosmos took Nathaniel as an earthly god. His prophesies were real because he believed he heard directly from God.

“My father…” The bishop greeted the prophet, almost prostrating, just as he walked into his large sitting room with Inibehe and Uduak. He was seated on a royal stool that looked like a throne. He had grey hairs and grey beards. Pastor Nathaniel was a fine old man in his mid seventies with an umber toned skin.

“Bishop Cosmos, welcome to my home. Have a seat please.” He said softly.

It was only Uduak and Inibehe who followed him behind, the rest of them were seated in the car.

“What do I hold this visit Bishop?”

Prophet Nathaniel asked.

“My second son Inibehe just graduated from Missionary school, he will be getting married in a month time.”

prophet Nathaniel shook his head as he listened and watched the bishop introduce his son and Uduak.

The Prophet stared at Inibehe for a long time like someone was whispering words to his ears about Inibehe.

“But his soul is already tied to someone else. I am seeing a strong bond with another woman.” He said.
The bishop glared at Inibehe and took away his eyes immediately. He was upset, it wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

Uduak’s face turned red, She sagged suddenly with terror. She was embarrassed. She put her face down.

“What bond man of God?” The bishop asked in a confused state.

“He knows what I’m talking about. He is already married to someone else. I am seeing it in the spiritual realm.” The prophet said and then turned to the bishop.

“Why did you send him to the missionary school? He is not suppose to be there. I warned you when he was seventeen, but you still took him there.”

“My wife insisted.” Bishop retorted.

“I am not seeing a pastor in him Cosmos. There will be problem, serious problem at where he will serve.

This woman right here, is not his.”

“God forbid.” Uduak said clapping her hands away.

The prophet turned to her and said, “He is not yours. He is someone else’s soul mate.”

“So what can we do to make things right? I want him to marry her and take over one of the churches.”

The bishop said, he was looking bothered.

“Let me get my anointing oil and wish them good luck. The message God sent to me is what I passed across.” He said boldly and walked away, then appeared with a bottle of anointing oil. Inibehe, Uduak and the bishop knelt before him, he placed the olive oil on their forehead and began to mutter words of prayers..

“God change things around…”

Inibehe’s mind had traveled far to London. He became restless as the prayer was going on. Uduak hung her hands across his shoulder as the prayer was going on. She’d expected him to take it off as usual, but he didn’t. He knelt there with her hands on his shoulder.

“Oh God, thank you…” She whispered.

After such a long prayer, Inibehe had thought his love for Nduke was going to reduce and his likeness for Uduak was going to increase. But nothing changed.

The prophet handed the anointing oil in a bottle to Uduak.

“Uduak, after your wedding, break this bottle at the entrance to your house and tell God to take away every strange woman and cut off the bond from Inibehe.”

Uduak collected it with a grateful heart. While Inibehe stared at them like it never concerned him.
He wanted to leave there to the house. Find himself a bed, and lie there thinking of his faraway lover.

Uduak will break the olive oil and pray with all strength to the lord, She will tell God to take away the strange woman and break every bond she’d had with her husband.


That night, after Inibehe rested and tried to have dinner, his father talked to him again about the strange woman.

“If there is a woman, let her go. Make your mother proud. Her soul isn’t at rest until you marry Uduak.”

Talking of Lady Valerie’s soul being at rest, Inibehe saw her in his dreams that night; She was wearing the blue rocky pyjamas he’d bought for her on her fiftieth birthday.

“You will grant my heart desires my son and make me rest well.”

Inibehe had wondered why getting married to Uduak meant so much to his late mother.

Nothing changed. He still saw himself thinking of Nduke.

He’d wanted to dial her number that night, but he didn’t.

He removed his Sim card from his phone and began to eat it. He strolled downstairs and handed the phone to his personal driver Faro. “I dash you. Tomorrow you will take me to the nearest slot to get a new phone and a new Sim.” He said boldly, he didn’t wait for Faro to tell him thank you.

He was not himself for a while, until the next morning, where he woke into a new dawn with a mindset that wasn’t approved by his heart. It was his ego. He listened to it more than his heart.

But he didn’t remember the necklace around his neck; It seemed invincible.

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