The Church And The Divorced Woman: Holy Hypocrisy

By Ikenga Chronicles May 22, 2018

The Church And The Divorced Woman: Holy Hypocrisy

— Vitus Ozoke

Divorce, in many cases, is the correction of a mistake. It is the loudest expression of our human imperfection and the clearest admission of the limits of human knowledge.

There is a reason the human heart is not static. The human heart constantly beats. Every bit of every beat is a negotiation of the next and a renegotiation of the last.

There is neither science nor art for the perfect knowing and prediction of the next morning’s designs and desires of the human heart. So, couples go into marriage not knowing what only God is capable of knowing, the internal heart of man.

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And in their desperate search for the mind of God, couples approach the church for the solemnization and spiritualization of their marriage. When the church blesses a marriage, it places its stamp of approval and declares that God is in it. The church does that when it proclaims that God has joined them together.

The problem with that is that the church makes God a liar when one or both parties turn out differently the morning after, and the marriage breaks down and heads for divorce. That could not have been God. Nothing that is of God ever fails. Even before they are conceived, God knows couple’s hearts. And God will never join them together to fail.

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So, the church lies about and against God. The church marries two wrong people, assuring them that God has joined them together. And when the marriage breaks down, because the church never secured God’s approval in the first place, the same church punishes the divorcees, especially the woman, with various regimes of excommunication and social humiliation. That is hypocrisy.

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Just as couples are imperfect in their choice of partners, the church should accept its imperfection in putting together two wrong people; and worse still, doing it in God’s name. In a sense, the church has a role in divorce.

Some day, I expect, a woman who is socially scorned by the church, for being divorced, should be able to turn around and sue the church for failing to do it’s due diligence with God.

Anyway, happy married life to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!