The Christian Madness Of December 31st Night

By Ikenga Chronicles December 31, 2018

The Christian Madness Of December 31st Night

–Ogochukwu Mordi Okafor

It is so strange, amazing and amusing how “god of men” cum criminal hustlers in robes and cassocks have changed everything in the scripture.

They started this December 31st passover nonsense like play like play but now I see it has become the norm and nobody is questioning this wrong creed in the body of Christ. Before Christ and after the death of Christ there was nothing like December 31st Passover Night but these today’s greedy and empty men who claim to be servants of God but are “servants of gourd” are all missing it big time.

They have sentimentally and emotionally turned the passover incident in the land of Egypt where every first male child of Egyptians died due to Pharaoh’s obstinacy to allow the Israelites to go, they have turned it into a religious service of every 31st December night.

Now who passed over in the bible – man or God? Is it man that passed over homes or from one year to another or God who passed over the homes of Israelites with blood marks on their doors and was it on the night of 31st December night?

On these nights – December 31st Passover Night, these naive, gullible and ignorant sheep that they are will be made to pledge their 2019 salaries that they have not even worked for talk less of receiving them. Their smart greedy circus owners will brainwash them to pledge first seed, prosperity seed, witch no see me seed, accident free seed, family protection seed, etc, all for the year 2019, at the end of the day this salaried folks will never have enough to take care of themselves throughout the year, then the statement of Fela will manifest in their lives – Suffering and smiling.

Since the inception of prosperity gospel in Africa, I wonder why we still have poor folks as Christians since they pay tithes that is supposed to open the locked windows and open them in abundance for their sake and also seeds sowed over every affairs of their lives? I wonder why people are still poor? Why no Christian in Africa is richer than Dangote the Muslim fellow, despite their sowing seeds desperately and loyally in synagogues?

As far as I am concerned December 31st Passover Night is not biblical, it is bullshit, meaningless and senseless. It is another religious creed to subdue and milk the poor, naive, ignorant and gullible folks of their hard earned monies in the body of Christ.

Jehovah let your kingdom reign on earth.

Jesus is Lord.