The Chadian Attack And Shekau’s Denied Death!

By Ikenga Chronicles April 7, 2020

The Chadian Attack And Shekau’s Denied Death!

—- By Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan

The picture of his been dead has been used several times by the lazy and incompetent Nigerian army hence l am not surprised, he is still alive!

Wishful thinking, you might think but it has caused deaths of both civilians and our soldiers, in thousands of reported casualties.

We want an end to this never ending rubbish war.

There are so many reasons for desiring peace because the north is very poorly managed since the governors are nothing but dumb administrators! Highest number of illiterates and unemployment means the north is an easy place to recruit insurgents!

Politics Creates Corruption!

The Boko haram have been put in a defensive position because they are lucky, that the attacks in Zambasi forest, a difficult terrain which allows easy escape made it possible for constant shift in battle positions; since our military attacks, are not coordinated.

The Chadian soldiers attack the Boko haram from the northern sector while the south, west and eastern fronts are not covered by the Nigerian army!

If it was a coordinated attack, the Nigerian army will cover the west, east and create loose flanks, to pin down the Boko haram by the southern Forces with no room for escape!

The mere fact that the Nigerian soldiers were not supplied better weapons than the insurgent groups, in a civilised nation would trigger immediate probe. For years billions of dollars and naira had been budgeted, who stole the funds for rearmament? Who were those in administration and they failed to ensure we are battle ready?

Why Do Some Nigerians Have A Need To Degrade Igbos?

The daft former President Goodluck sent over 24 million dollars to South Africa to buy weapons in the middle of a war! How could he claim to be the head of the armed forces, when he was clueless about their bad stock level of armaments!

Only fools would go into battle without any superior weapons because as my name implies, OGUN – god of Iron, SEI – has done this and TAN – completely destroyed the enemy! In order words, it is the power of the god of iron that we have worn the war! We must be battle ready at all time because of the obvious !

What happened to the billions?

When general Ihejirika became a oil bloc owner and then a billionaire, who in his right mind allowed him to remain in service because it is demoralising to other officers, who are more determined to serve!

It shocked even former president Obama that a soldier could be a billionaire while in service.

Those who were brave to challenge the rotten government of former VISIONLESS PhD zoologist for his complete and utter maladministration, they were rounded up and sentenced to death by the army or demoted!

No one stopped the killing of our soldiers by the military court martial because our lives were worthless to some people whose mission, is to silence our people.

The army needs reform and soldiers should be promoted on merit not because of quota balancing. crap which made President BUHARI become a general despite never passing any senior officers’ exams because he is a Fulani illiterate.

Whether Shekau is alive or dead, the Chad army had dealt the Boko haram devastating blows to their formation.

President BUHARI is a looter because he bought last year for 2020 budget 489,000,000 dollars weapons of mass destruction from the government of President Trump! Where are these choppers and drones to finish off, the insurgents?

Where are the investigators to probe the squandering of our billions by this borrow borrow president?

Please understand the facts, President BUHARI is a jihadist and he is not serious about killing off, these marauders because his forefathers entered Nigeria with the same type of insurgency and they gradually seized our country and made it theirs!

Please let us be grateful for what the Chadian soldiers have done for us!

Your president in the middle of war released Boko haram killers which was the most disgusting thing to do since we had over 100 Nigerian soldiers, in Boko haram captivity.

An exchange could have been sensible but to release them to Boko haram means an unending saga of atrocious war!

Thank you Chadian soldiers!

Lord Abiodun Ogunseitan
Founder of the reform party of Nigeria