The Carnage In Plateau And The Complicity Of Silence

By Ikenga Chronicles July 6, 2018

The Carnage In Plateau And The Complicity Of Silence

— Uche Anyanwagu

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”- Martin Luther King Jnr

We have rapidly evolved so much in our national life that human lives do not matter. We simply ignore deaths or even blame the dead for dying.

Is it any wonder that our President (and his predecessors) will ignore the bombings that took hundreds of lives in his backyard to send condolence messages to France for the death of a few at Nice (and Charlie Herbdo) or to US (at San Bernardino)?

For days, running into weeks, our charity organisation – The Fulani Herdsmen International – has been on an unhindered rampage, ravaging villages in Plateau state; leaving scores dead and painful agony, tears and fears for the living.

Drunk In Blood: The Fraud Called “Pastor” Osinbajo

As always, like Nero, we play the fiddle while Rome burns. Rightly too, Facebook has recently been awash with concerns about the statue of Zuma and the unknown six in Owerri.

With Zuma at the centre, I’m as well concerned on the visage and vintage of the unknown. One suggested Mobutu, another Idi Amin, Mugabe, etc as likely odds. Whichever way it goes, we are in for a surprise – we will either have men of Zuma’s calibre or those whose contrast with him will leave you wondering on the motive behind the statues.

Hapu Zuma ka ha zuma (leave Zuma alone… sorry I’m not so good in translating Igbo to English). Last night, these marauding rapacious herdsmen stole into another community in Plateau and snuffed out about 29 lives.

Our press has been silent. Daily nation loosely defined it as killings arising from a communal clash while punch mentioned it in a corner as “29 killed”. Suddenly, post-Jonathan, our robust press has lost its voice and verve.

The silence of President Buhari is legendary. He cares less as long the name of the aggressor sounds “fulanish” or they subscribe to his own version of Islam. He doesn’t give a damn about his middle belt cousins.

Thank You, Argentina!

I said it in August, upon his return from ear plastic surgery in London, that these vampires have been let loose. No one heard of them while Prof Osibanjo held sway as the acting President. So why now?

With the entrance of the Lion King, the conqueror of the East; the Grand Patron of Fulani Herdsmen International NGO; and his silence over these weeks on these blood-letting orgies; all is now clear that his body language (or odour) empowers and emboldens these Fulani Terrorists.

President Buhari’s silence speaks loud. Is any still surprised why no single Fulani Herdsman has been arrested and charged to court despite the fact that a state governor publicly (and I add, shamelessly) said that his government pays them to “reduce” the rate and magnitude of their killings? No one has been touched despite the fact that some have openly boasted of their acts and shown the video recordings of their savagery.

President Buhari’s silence speaks clearly. Where is our Commander in Chief? Where are our dancing queens – The Nigerian Army and their show of force? Is the environment of the East riper than Plateau? Can the anacondas and cobras be woken from slumber now that the python seems to be fatigued?

It’s An Injustice To Blame Me For Herdsmen Killings– Buhari

Our press! Plateau is haemorrhaging!

President Buhari! Plateau – The home of peace – has been turned by your beloved NGO to a theatre of blood and tears.

The plains are flooded with the blood of the innocent being “shared” (apologies to Dame).

Their voices, from the great beyond your boys sent them to untimely, cry for justice.

Another ear infection awaits you if you don’t harken and hasten to stop this carnage.

  • My name is Uche Anyanwagu. I just crossed their useless red line.
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