The Black Failure called Racism

By Ikenga Chronicles June 28, 2020

For millennia, the continent South of the Mediterranean lived in almost complete isolation from the rest of the world. Like the Iroquois, Tomahawks, Arapahoe and the rest of the tribes of vast Republics in the Americas, the dwellers of the continent South of Europe lived off the land, worshipped nature and generally were happy-go-lucky.

The societies here were orderly but patriarchally heirachical. The society was so structured that being incurious was structured into the society…and that was a major stumbling block to knowledge.

A Roman general passed through the Atlas, saw people of a different skin tone, and named the continent Africa! He was General Afrikanus.

So the name Africa was birthed…

A single man, a white European, christened almost a billion people. Almost 3000 years later, we still bear the name given to us by a European buccaneer!

Things were happening in Europe and in Asia; civilization was matching on, peoples tried to better their lives and move with the times. Political systems were reorganized to reflect the times. Empires competed among themselves to better their existence. European empires evolved…China…India…Japan…and more. The Spanish and the English conquered the New World… Africa stood still…


And did not evolve to reinvent herself.

Being static is retrogression itself! We worshipped trees and accused demons…the world saw things in a different way and questioned old norms.

500yrs into modern civilization, Africa had fallen so far behind. And the rest of the world didn’t see us as equals any longer…we had made ourselves smaller in spirit…and these vibes were picked up by those that challenged the world.

The New World needed cheap labor, the Arabs needed strong men to carry out raids. The Native Americans were more aware and refused to be fodder for the European…but the African was too clueless to know any better!

The Arabs and the Europeans looked to Africa for the human materials required…of course, these were lower primates that refused to better their lot. So why not just have them for cheap?

And so began the trans Atlantic and trans Mediterranean forced migration called the Slave Trade! And our ancestors were active collaborators.

By 1807, more than 3 million of our ancestors had been kidnapped and sold off. Visiting several Slave exporting ports from Calabar to Badagry, Malabo and Elmina brought the misery closer home…those were very sobering experiences for me…

The slave trade has stopped…but how far has the African risen from the calamity of the past that seems to have defined his future? Who’s fault really was the slave trade? Was it the fault of the opportunistic European and the Arab that saw a people so clueless that they had no defences whatsoever or the African Empires that were a study in mediocrity thus exposing themselves, being so weak that the temptation to enslave them was absolutely overwhelming?

Who’s fault was it?

What do you think is racism? You think racism is about skin colour? No, it’s not! Racism has NOTHING to do with the color of the skin or your biological make-up!

Racism is the feedback to the Failure of the Blackman to rise above the jejune; to rise above mediocrity! Racism is the collective assessment of the African. The failure to rise above the subsistence is a collective failure that attracts opobrium. That opobrium is what we refer to as Racism…and the African has a huge part to play in it.

No one could put you down without your active participation! How do we participate in being treated as lower?

Look at Africa…and look at the average representative of the African. Compare that to the Chinese, the European or the Argentine… switch positions in your mind and ask yourself if you would look down on people that have refused to help themselves for a millennia!

The answer is “yes”

Racism has nothing to do with the color of the skin! Racism is a political and economic phenomenon! The more politically and economically advanced you’re, the less the chances of being subjected to any form of disdain!

Get the African nations to be rich, politically sagacious and aware… wealthy…and proud today…and a hundred years down the line, you’d wonder what racism was all about!

Racism is not about race or color: the failure of the Black African to progress, his excuses for the failures, the lack of a Black champion continent, and so much more, are the fuels feeding racism!

As long as the continent remains a basket case, her peoples and those that originate thereof, would always be treated like social misfits!

How many wealthy people fraternise with the poor? Few? Why? Skin color? You don’t think so either!

There you have it; that’s racism among us, ain’t it? It’s Economic, not biological! That’s your racism!

Africa is the reason there is racism!The African countries are a study in governmental disgrace, and we reduce ourselves before the rest of the world for this failure. The feedback on a people is what we call racism!

We can’t breathe, of course! But that’s our collective failure!

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