The 30 Day Sex Challenge: Are you “Up” for It? {Adult}

By Ikenga Chronicles December 31, 2016

The best way for any couple to feel more emotionally and physically connected is to have amazing sex.

Sex really is everything—and when you’ve been together several years, have kids or just feel the stress of everyday life, it’s easy to lose the sexual connection with the person we hold dear.

While it seems unclear who first coined the 30 Day Sex Challenge—it’s making the rounds in bedrooms all across the globe.

This isn’t about using sex to disguise problems, but it is about placing high importance on the physically connection that two people share.

Sometimes in relationships, the initial desire that brought two people together falls to the wayside as more “important” everyday issues arise with work, family, friends and finances.

In reality there is nothing more important than the physical connection we share with our lover. Period.

Not even our children.

While it may seem ludicrous to some, even parents have to make their marriage their first priority.

Children, while important, are only under our roof for a small percentage of the overall marriage, and if the relationship is left to die—what will life be like once the kids fly the nest?

Sex is the barometer for our relationships, and sometimes it’s easier to just not deal with what is right in front of us.

As much talk as there is about soulmates and twin flames, the reality is, many of us get married or commit to long-term relationships for different reasons.

Maybe it was based on religion or culture.

Maybe it was socioeconomics or peer pressure.

Maybe it was just because we didn’t think we deserved a great love.

Whatever the reason—facing the truth about our relationship is the most difficult thing we will ever do.

But, whether we have been married for several years—

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