That Is My Lover

By Iloh Friday Okechukwu July 2, 2020

That Is My Lover

The throes of battle buffet me
Life is battle with its woes
The weather inclement
On all side the heat on me
My camp deserted
I am solo save a fellow.

Tempestuous is the sea
It bellows in rage
Roaring as thunder claps
Life is a sea with lot to see
I am in the eye of the storm
My ship half-torpedoed
Gargantuan waves surge
Pelting me with gales
I am a lone mariner but for a fellow.

I writhe in the wilderness
The floor of my throat parched
Its roof scorched
Hunger quakes my being
I am without company but a companion.

Forces within and without
Host of fiends plagued me
Pharaoh’s forces in hot pursuit
Sandwiched afront by the sea
Foes on all flanks
Hopes sag
I gazed alone but a companion.

Want on all sides
Feet unshod, head bare
Palm blistered
Paces lag
Want wearied me.
Like King Lear, i am deserted
But for a companion, i am alone.

Now I have scaled the heights
Like King Solomon, I am arrayed in finery of purple
My pavilion in splendor, feasting on dainties.
Deluge of maidens beguile me
I am among the gentry, feasting Lords and Ladies
Maidens court my company, playing seductions.

I already have a maiden
Close by as a shadow
Unflinching in days of want
Unmoved by the elements
The companion in my wilderness, my oasis
The fellow with me at sea
That is my lover.

Lo, behold my lover, bejeweled in fine linen
Encased in beauty with dainty eyes
Eyes like a pair of mound of gold
Skin glisters as the glory of the sun
Her paces, the elegance of a peahen
Hair, of the mane of a lion
Of the plume of an eagle.

Lords, ladies, and all, rise:
Behold my lover in the throes of adversity
And in comfort.