Thank you to the Men who Look at Me & See More than just a Good F*ck. {Adult}

By Ikenga Chronicles January 7, 2017

Thank you to the Men who Look at Me & See More than just a Good F*ck. {Adult}

This is for the men who look at me and don’t see me as a conquest they wish to win—but a woman who they respect.

Not enough is said about these men—those who don’t just pretend to listen to my words and value my presence, but who actually can look at me and see the woman I am.

I have had enough attention from those who only see the cover of my book yet have no real desire to actually read my beautifully torn and tattered pages.

Sometimes it seems that there are so many men who let their dicks lead their hearts, who believe that any woman who is attractive and well-dressed is just looking for a good fuck—but the truth is that those men are the very ones who have no idea what a woman is about.

An Unexpected Journey Through Sex, Shame & Love

The older I get, I realize the difference in being respected versus desired. My presence in this world has always been something that I’ve battled with, and in honesty, I have felt shame at my innate sexuality because I believed that it was a fault of mine instead of the gift that it is.

But—this is just who I am.

This was the body I was born into, the beautiful mind that I have cultivated—and while it’s the physical that is often first noticed, it’s my heart that is my greatest gift—so thank you to the men who looked beyond the soft cleavage and the long hair, beyond the smile and eyes to the soul that I possess.

I am comfortable in my skin, and I truly love the body that I have, but even though it’s an important part of who I am, it’s not my defining feature. I am not the woman I


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