Thank You God For The Lesson, But Please Heal Him

By Ikenga Chronicles October 2, 2020

Thank You God For The Lesson, But Please Heal Him

— Dr. Vitus Ozoke

I trust Donald Trump, Melania, and Hope Hicks will recover from the coronavirus. I have no doubt about that. But if I have to be brutally honest, it would have been totally unfair if Donald Trump and his circle did not contract COVID-19.

This man and his campaign of denials, lies, misinformation, disinformation, recklessness, wilful negligence, attack on science, and politicization of the pandemic is responsible for the death of thousands of his supporters who listened to him. For those who are praying to God for Donald Trump, that’s fine, very fine. I, too, pray to God to heal him. But I must also admit that it is not lost on me that God is also at work here. Would God still have been God if he allowed Donald Trump and his team to not have a taste of their own poison?

Almost 210,000 Americans are dead today, and over 7,000,000 infected with coronavirus, yet the president, the man who should offer leadership in America’s most difficult and trying time, chose not to do that. He wilfully lied about the virus, incited violence against city mayors and state governors who instituted measures to combat the virus, mocked his opponent and those who wore masks, violated face mask and social distancing rules as he packed supporters in campaign rallies, lied about vaccines, undermined science as he claimed he knew more than scientists.

If Donald Trump had been a little more responsible about this deadly pandemic, and not played dangerous, deadly, and selfish politics with it, thousands of innocent Americans, including the young and the elderly, who fell to the virus, would still have been alive today. That’s just the truth and the fact.

So, yes, may God heal Donald Trump, Melania, and Hope Hicks, but thank God for dispensing justice on behalf of those thousands of innocent ones who are no more here because of Donald Trump. Indeed, there’s God!

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