Thank You, Argentina!

By Ikenga Chronicles June 27, 2018

–Vitus Ozoke

We should be thankful to Messi and Argentina. Gov. Rochas Okorocha should erect a statue of Messi and the entire Argentina crew to the World Cup, including their coaches. Argentina did not just defeat us for themselves; they defeated us for us. They did us an act of kindness. They smacked sense back into our head.

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Argentina’s message was a simple one: What are you guys still doing here? Didn’t some Fulani herdsmen just butcher over 200 of your country men and women, including innocent and harmless children, and your president has refused to act? And you are here playing and having fun at the World Cup? You want to defeat us, win the trophy, and go hand it to the same president who watches as your country men and women are slaughtered daily by Fulani herdsmen? What kind of morons are you?

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You are here playing World Cup in Russia, and your country men and women are in sports bars and beer pubs all over Nigeria, drinking and cheering you, leaving Oby Ezekwesili, a woman, out there in the streets of Abuja, by herself, as she protests the systematic and sustained slaughter of your country men and women by Fulani herdsmen. And she was getting roughed up by a bunch of cowardly security operatives. What kind of morons are you? Quit the World Cup distraction. Go home and attend to what really matters.

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Argentina’s message couldn’t be any clearer. The morning after Nigeria’s elimination from the competition, a determined citizenry should channel the anger of that defeat to what matters. Why are the streets of Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Enugu, and elsewhere carrying on business as usual? Why is Oby Ezekwesili still the only one in the streets of Abuja protesting the slaughter of innocent men and women in Plateau and elsewhere?

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Messi and Argentina have done their part. They have defeated us for us; they have defeated us for the over 200 of our country men and women slaughtered in Plateau by Fulani herdsmen; they have defeated us for the thousands more who are butchered daily across our country by a rampaging gang of nomadic terrorists; Messi and Argentina have defeated us for us.

So, thank you, Argentina!

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