Terrorism: Should All Muslims Be Slaughtered?

By Ikenga Chronicles June 5, 2017

Terrorism: Should All Muslims Be Slaughtered?

In a month, two earth shattering terrorist attacks have hit England. First there was the bombing in Manchester, then a few days ago, the attack in London. Both attacks have since been claimed by the Islamic terror group ISIS. Last week too, children, happily enjoying ice creams were blown to smithereens in front of an ice cream parlour in Iraq, while in Nigeria, the Islamic terror group Boko Haram continues to wreck havoc on both the old and the young.

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There seems to be no clear strategic order of attack to the works of these Islamic terrorists. They can use bombs, guns, knives, and they can attack anywhere, at anytime.It also appears that there is no specific enunciation of what they want, even if they claim to be fighting for an Islamic state. If it is an Islamic state, then focus should be on areas that are originally Islamic (and later infiltrated by ‘infidels’). The terror attacks in London, Paris, America, etc, do not point to a desire to protect their Islamic states, rather they show a desire to bring the world to its feet. And that is where the problem lies; one begins to wonder if what fuels their craving is a vampiric bloodthirst, and sadistic disposition to see people cower in fear, and die horribly. Or maybe the plan is to destroy the world.

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There is also the more saddening aspect of the fact that they have no regard for the lives of children. In all of their attacks, children have been gruesomely murdered. In fact, one can say that the attack in front of the ice cream parlour in Iraq specifically targeted children and women. So how then do one begin to find justification for whatever cause these terrorists are fighting for? What cause is deserving of the unbridled and gruesome murder of innocent people especially women and children?

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They say they are fighting for Allah. Allah? Allah is a vampiric and sadistc god, who has a huge appetite for the blood of children?

Yet some Muslims say that those who do the killings are “Muslim extremists”. Really? Nobody has heard of extremists of other religions going around the world blowing up innocent people randomly in the name of a god! That simply shows that there is something about the religion that provokes brutal anger and destruction!And if the “amiable Muslims” feel that the dastardly acts are being perpetrated by “Muslim extremists”, what exactly have they done to expose those extremists, and bring them to justice? What exactly have they done to ensure that this spread of the seed of “radical Islam” is checked?

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The wanton destruction of the lives of young and innocent people by people professing Islam has become a huge menace to the world. Whether or not the so called amiable Muslims accept it, the destruction has placed every Muslim in the focus of the world, and rightly so.Which is why the “good eggs” amongst them must now take the responsibility of fighting those wroughting fear and destruction on the children of the world, or partake in the general condemnation the world is now right to dish out to every Muslim.