Taraba: Nyame Opposes Multi Billion Naira New Govt House Project

By Ikenga Chronicles January 23, 2017

Taraba: Nyame Opposes Multi Billion Naira New Govt House Project

—Callistus Agwaza, Jalingo

Following the provision of about Three Billion Naira in the 2017 budget for the commencement of work on a new government house in Jalingo, an elder statesman and former commissioner Mr Godwin Nyame has called on governor Ishaku to focus more on people oriented projects.

Nyame made the call yesterday in a phone conversation with The Sun in Jalingo.

Nyame stated that the economic realities of the times and the level of hardships the people had to contend with in the state makes the conception of such a projects highly insensitive and a total misplacement of priority.

According to Nyame, “local government workers and primary school teachers are owed salaries for months and in the face of this and the unprecedented hardship the people have had to put up with since the inception of this administration, you have a governor planning to spend Billions on the construction of a new government house. Of what importance is this project to an average person in Taraba?”

Nyame, who accused the governor of been clueless and insensitive to the plight of his people, called on governor Ishaku to retrace his steps and focus more on people oriented programs that would better the lives of the ordinary citizens rather bogus projects.

“The people are going through unprecedented suffering. The governor who claims to be on a rescue mission should focus more on people oriented programs. He should focus on paying salaries and other entitlements rather than coming up with white elephant projects that would be used to syphon public funds in the name of bogus contracts as posterity would judge him otherwise”, Nyame said.

Nyame said he does not blame the governor for his decisions as he ” is completely clueless about the state and does not know the actual problem of the people he is governing as he was imposed on the people”.

He however blamed his “numerous advisers for failing to advise him properly on what should be his priorities”.

Reacting to the defection of an APC stalwart in the state senator Joel Ikyena, Nyame, said the leadership failures of governor Ishaku would no doubt send even his ardent supporters to parties, noting that Ikyena is just the beginning.

The state assembly last week passed the state’s 2017 budget and made provision of Three Billion Naira to be used for the commencement of work on the new government house project.