The Tale of the Nigerian Pseudo-Intellectualism

By Ikenga Chronicles September 14, 2017

The Tale of the Nigerian Pseudo-Intellectualism

— Gboyega Adejumo

As I recall, when Muhammadu Buhari came to Ibadan in the year 2000 together with Buba Marwa to admonish the then Governor of Oyo State, Late Alhaji Lam Adesina, many of the present crop of Buhari aficionados condemned him for siding with the murderous Fulani herdsmen and turning the truth on its head, by changing the true narrative to suit his own purpose!

Also,shortly after the North started the political sharia, which was just a way of getting at President Obasanjo for no reason other than being a southern Christian, Muhammadu Buhari came out to emphatically instruct the Northern Muslims to not again vote for anyone who would not bring about the actualization of the sharia. Again many of those who are Buhari’s supporters today, felt truly appalled at such a statement coming from a once-upon-a-time Head of State.

By the year 2003 that Buhari first came out to contest, it was very apparent that here was a total misfit, a tribal candidate whose fate was already decided for him

Buhari remained unelectable, until a Tinubu, who had also learnt a trick or two from being a victim of “perception” himself, became a master of deception by repackaging a dubious product–Buhari–and selling him to the erstwhile unshakable antagonists of Buhari and all what he stands for, making Buhari in the process, a formidable candidate, through subterfuge.

It worked on many, not just on the masses, but on the ones that today have become my subject matter, the Pseudo-Intellectuals.They became converts by a sleight of hand, money, lies and deception.

Fast forward to 2015, the Buhari train took off without Tinubu, a man with control over 5 governors now struggling to have a grip on 2.The former “boys” that he nurtured now turned against him, becoming instead, Buhari boys, in a strange twist of fate!

The “Lion of the lagoon” was left to wallow in Lagos shallow waters, removed from reckoning.

The tragedy of it all is the dilemma of the pseudo-intellectuals, who in jettisoning their personal convictions, abandoned their abilities to summon their own faculties to independence of reasoning, by following the more personal quest of a certain Bola Ahmed Tinubu to acquire more wealth and power.

But today, “the Lion of the lagoon” is busy dredging the waters to which he hopes to drown his political adversaries, his erstwhile political associates,come 2019!

Tinubu is certainly not going to back Buhari and from the feelers I am getting, Tinubu is most likely going to work for Atiku Abubakar!

And this is where it will certainly get very interesting: what then will be the comeuppance, the outcome of the fate of being a pseudo-intellectual in the unfolding politics of Nigeria toward 2019?

As it were in 2003, 2007, 2011, I see this same class or should I say classless set of people, doing what they did then to Buhari, to Atiku now.

The “Lion of the lagoon” should just finish quickly his dredging so that the fillers of the gorges can quickly rush to the press to help gravitate the minds of the pseudo-intellectuals, once again.