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God in the Public Space and the Nigerian Constitution

God in the Public Space and the Nigerian Constitution

🕔00:02, 15.May 2017

It appears anytime we try to solve one problem in Nigeria, we end up creating more problems and leave the original problem partly solved or totally unsolved. Why did I say so? Before the 1979 Constitution of Nigeria, we have no record to say that a government or any religious group was calling or lobbying for the adoption of a particular religion as our national religion. So, why was Section 10 introduced into the 1979 Constitution for the first time in the constitutional history of Nigeria by the Constituent Assembly of 1977-78? Was it introduced to make Nigeria a secular state? Was the section squarely introduced to prevent any government from ever imposing one religion on the Nigerian people or making it a theocracy? If the latter was the intention of the drafters of the Constitution, does Section 10 also forbid spending of state funds on religious matters by any Nigerian government or state involvement in religious affairs? Was it introduced in response to the agitation to give the Sharia Court of Appeal a national recognition in our Constitution which came up for the first time during this period as opposed to the erstwhile 1963 Republican Constitution that confined the existence of the Court to the Northern region?

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