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And I Cried! ( Part 1)

And I Cried! ( Part 1)

🕔06:42, 6.Jun 2018

Dateline: Kano City, October 19, 1986, 2055hrs. There was nothing exceptional about this particular day. Everything, as usual, looked ordinary. I sauntered on to the street to cross over to the apartment of my brother and friend, Prince Adewale Arimoro. The cars, private and commercial, moved without let or hindrance, but with utmost care, as they honked to call the attention of pedestrians milling along the sides of the road. There was brisk selling by the roadside petty traders who ignored the harmattan that was insistent on warning about its descent in few hours. Flickers of lamps of different kinds dotted the viewscape, imbuing the environment with a simple beauty that buoyed the illuminations of electricity.

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