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Tag "Kenneth Ikonne"

My Saddest Day In Court!

🕔22:02, 7.Feb 2021

The love affair between Dipo and Jumoke, the child’s mother had been steamy and passionate. Jumoke’s mother fully supported the affair. Not only was Dipo a comely lad, he had also been a very promising young man, from a very good family in Ondo State.

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An Unforgettable Lion!

🕔05:07, 17.Jan 2021

The effect was melodramatic. Each section went deathly quiet as the muscular lion stirred them down. Having achieved attentive silence, Ojukwu then proceeded to thrill his hypnotized audience with the kind of oratory not seen since Cicero’s time.

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Legal Implication Of A Waiver Of Sovereign Immunity!

🕔16:09, 31.Jul 2020

The presence of these terms in those agreements with China does not in the least imply a cession of sovereignty to China.

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