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And I Cried! (Part 2)

And I Cried! (Part 2)

🕔07:41, 6.Jun 2018

Dateline – Ilesa City, May 9, 1987, 1800hrs. Mrs. Folowosele, Daddy’s office secretary walked into the open office where I had my desk along with others, as an Assistant Export Manager of Lawrence Omole & Sons Limited, and told me Daddy wanted to see me. Yes, we call him Daddy, fondly. Pa (Dr.) Lawrence Omole, “àpáàrà Òkèshà tíí pa’mo n’ípa àfojúdi,” was our employer and father. It was not difficult to call him Daddy because of the way and manner he treated us all. In my case, he left a job open to and for me for six months, until I made up my mind I wanted it.

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