Sweet, First Valentine (The Nigerian Couple Romance)

By Ikenga Chronicles February 3, 2018

Sweet, First Valentine (The Nigerian Couple Romance)

Akwa said her body tasted like sugar and honeycomb.

“What does honeycomb taste like?” Ndidi asked, pulling her panty up to her waist.

“Honeycomb is sweet too, just like sugar.”

Akwa replied softly. Ndidi giggled. “So, my body is sugary enh Nkem?”

Akwa nodded. “Amazingly sweet my love.”

His voice was low and deep, the tone undeniably reassuring.

Ndidi visibly relaxed on the bed, trying to find her brassiere with her hands searching on the bed.

“What are you looking for?” Akwa asked.

“My bra.”

“Didn’t your mother tell you that when sleeping with your husband, you shouldn’t wear panty or brassiere?”

Ndidi smiled.

“I am not used to these things Nkem.” She said softly.

Akwa jumped on the bed and reached for her panties.

“Get this out Nkem, it’s our first valentine together as husband and wife.” He said pulling out the panties in between her legs.

She didn’t say a word until he’d taken the panty to his nose and inhaled it.

“Hmm…it smells like floral oriental.” Akwa teased.

Slumberous with molten desire, her brown eyes were half closed by passion. Akwa sat up on the bed, pulling her body against the wall of his chest.

“Nkem…” He touched her back lightly. Her spine stiffened beneath his fingers. She fell back on his chest and rested her head.

“…I want you so badly Nkem, I am going crazy. Look how beautiful your body is. It’s so hot and it’s driving me crazy.” His voice broke because he was giving in to the explosive desire filling his mind and his body.

“We’ve already made love an hour ago.”

“Yes? And so what? See Nkem, I waited three years and two solid months for you. You said no sex until after marriage. Today is making second day on our honeymoon, and luckily, our first valentine together. My body wants you badly.”

She brushed a hand across her face, but she didn’t turn around.

“Okay then, let’s go to the pool side. I am tired of using the bed.” She said decisively.

Akwa relaxed. Hope rose in his chest.

He picked the robe and handed to her. She wore it loosely and stood to walk out of the room, Akwa wore his own robe and held her hands, while he led the way to the pool side.

As soon as they got to the elevator, he looked up to her and asked, “What if the elevator gets us stuck in here?”

She turned to face him. “Tufiakwa.”

“Don’t say that Nkem, it’s going to be fun. We will make love here. It’s going to be another interesting adventure.”

“What’s adventurous about making love in an elevator obim?”

“You don’t know anything. See, yesterday, I saw some couples in the woods, they were making out over there.” Akwa said.

“And you stared?” Ndidi asked.

“It was just a glimpse.”

Ndidi rolled her eyeballs.

They’d stayed in the elevator for more than fifteen minutes but it didn’t open.

“I hope the elevator hasn’t finally stuck us.” Akwa said as he pulled Ndidi to himself.

“This place is bigger than our house, how on earth will the securities know that people have been stuck in here. it’s getting so long.” Ndidi complained with a loud sigh.

“It’s not a bad thing Nkem…Let’s make good use of this opportunity.”

He began to touch her.

The tension simmering between them since he’d touched her rose to the surface once more. Akwa watched her breathing quicken, her eyes soften. She became so expressive. He didn’t remember much about their first love making, it was really stressful. Deflowering Ndidi was hard, and he didn’t want to remember the pains in her eyes, right in the midst of the sweet pleasure he’d longed for.

He knew she was a responsive lover, she just needed time to learn more romantic techniques.

The art of seduction; She was getting it right when she tried to remove her robe. When she got to realize that they were indeed stuck, just as Akwa had predicted, she had no alternative than to please him.

Akwa relaxed calmly, while she dug dip into him. She didn’t like it that much, but he did. He moaned softly as she kissed him from his head to his nipples.

“Ouch! that tickles!” He screamed.

She melted his heart with her acts. She was playing on his body, and he called her name uncontrollably.

“Who taught you these things?” He asked in the midst of the touches.

“Louisa. She gave me romantic story books to read few months to our wedding.” She said almost in soft whispers.

“She did well.” Akwa said huskily.

Heat bath their bodies. Ripples of anticipation skimmed over her, she ran her fingers on his body. The hot, moist breath of his mouth against her breast weakened her knees so much she was forced to grab his shoulders, to hold herself upright. He deliberately brushed the length of her body as he stood still, his eyes smoldering with desires.

The elevator bell suddenly rang, and their hearts trembled, he couldn’t help but cover her body with her robe.

When they stepped out of the elevator, she melted back into his fierce embrace. Yielding to the hot, wet kiss that went on and on.
When they noticed that some people were walking toward them, they held their hands and pretended as if nothing was going on.

And when they saw that they’d gone far, he pushed her back to the wall and continued kissing her breathlessly.

And when they got to the pool, she pushed him into the blue waters, then he stood to watch her take off her robes. She was naked, just the way he’d wanted.

Her lips curved. She didn’t have any experience in seduction, but she said to herself that ‘experience wasn’t all she wanted.’ All she wanted was to be loved, as she was trying hard to please him.

Her fingers shook only a little, as she pulled her robe to the wet floor.