Supreme Court Bans Ex-Prime Minister From Holding Public Office

By Ikenga Chronicles April 13, 2018

Supreme Court Bans Ex-Prime Minister From Holding Public Office

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday banned former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from holding office for a lifetime under section 62 of the constitution of Pakistan.

The ex-Prime Minister will not be able to contest election for the rest of his life, according to the ruling announced by the court.

NAN reports that in October 2017, Mr. Shariff was indicted over allegations of corruption, the latest setback for the deposed leader who remains one of the most popular politicians in Pakistan.

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Mr. Sharif, 67, was ousted from power in July 2017 by the country’s Supreme Court after months of hearings on corruption charges.

He and his family stand accused of using offshore holding companies to buy luxury properties in London, charges stemming from the Panama Papers leak in 2016.

Mr. Sharif, who was not in court, sent a plea of not guilty.

His daughter Maryam and her husband, Muhammad Safdar, were also named in the indictment by the anti-corruption court.

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“You tell me if this is justice or murder of justice,” Mr. Sharif told reporters in London, where he is staying with his wife while she undergoes treatment for cancer.

“I think that if our justice system continues like this then we will get nothing but embarrassment,” he was quoted as saying by the Geo News channel in Pakistan.

Mr. Sharif’s supporters claim he is the target of high-level conspiracies that include the country’s powerful military.