Super Eagles: Some Lessons On Gold

By Ikenga Chronicles June 27, 2018

–OluwaShayo Taiwo

Initially, I don’t want to make this post, so as to evade people tagging me a perfidy and unpatriotic, but I realized the truth is too noble to be neglected. Hence, I’ll say my mind.

We really have a bigger problem in this clime. We loathe the truth and those that bare it. We always want our ego massaged to our own detriment. We are unrealistic and illusional.

Nigerians are set of people that will ignore the altar of preparation to solely wear off in prayers. We pray on everything and anything. Even when we know we deserve no answers, we pray to put God to test. Expecting him to perform a magic through fecklessness.

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Few days ago, when I made a post about the Super Eagles, to some, I was unpatriotic and treacherous. Not because I betrayed my nation, but because I told them the blunt truth. Because I didn’t allow sentiments to blur my judgement. I was so objective about their weaknesses and didn’t massage their fortuitous victory.

The truth remains the same from Ede to Edo. It won’t change to please anyone. No matter how long it takes you to romance lies, the truth will shortened the palsy-walsy. Yes! the truth always prevail.

Sincerely, the Super Eagles had a woeful performance in all their three matches. They were only fortunate with Iceland. They weren’t impressive. The goals was a personal glory not a team work. You can make your personal rationalization and belief, everybody is entitled to his/her opinion.

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We could have been better if we were honest with ourselves. We could have worked on our weaknesses and build a strong and formidable team if we weren’t too swayed by emotions and sentiments. We would have trained so hard to rely on skillfulness, ability and aptitude rather than luck and prayers if we had judged ourselves sincerely.

But, as usual, we solely rely on prayers, luck and some superstitious beliefs to win. We were like a student that didn’t read for an examination but prayed fervently to be seated at proximity to a brilliant student so he can copy. Relying on skittish and stupid chances. To think that super eagles will beat Argentina is a chimera.

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Patriotism is not gormlessness. We should see even when we cry. Denying the truth doesn’t reduce it truthfulness, it only makes us delusional. We should as individual and nation grow to a point where we acknowledge skills, preparations and performance, rather than surrealism.

Prayers only work with complimentary work to corroborate it. Prayers don’t work through empty vessels. Desist from fuelling mediocrity and launch an intentional momentum to better yourself. Success is never accidental; it happens at the point where preparedness meet opportunity.

Either Super Eagles win or lose, my patriotism stands unscathed, but I’ll never fail in my responsibility to speak the blunt truth.

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