Sunset On Wednesday Morning:The Story Of A Country Which Kills Her Youth

By Ikenga Chronicles August 10, 2019

Sunset On Wednesday Morning:The Story Of A Country Which Kills Her Youth

— Chinyere Akataobi,

Chimaobi’s wife ran into the midst of the community leaders that had gathered in the council hall. Hugging her baby close to her she dropped to the ground and rolled with him from side to side.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she wailed, nobody stopped her. We too were beyond grief. We watched as she pulled herself up and sat on the floor shaking her head from side to side has she tried to make sense of the misfortune that had befallen her.

Da Onyenma her mother-in-law carried the other child. She had a stunned look on her face as she was clearly still in shock at what had happened the day before.

News had gotten to her that the military authorities were denying in typical fashion that has followed the excesses of its personnel.

“Onye army gburu nwam,” she emphatically proclaimed before the community leaders.

Her son was shot in the head by a soldier after a brief altercation over a 100 naira bribe and an incident that had happened a week before.

Chimaobi had taken to Okada riding to keep body and soul together due to the unemployment that characterizes Nigeria of today.

A good natured young man, he had hopes and dreams of saving enough to be able to seek pastures new. 

The dream is dead now and his widowed mother would have to bury her bright son who was snatched from her by an agent of the state.

Her story and her daughter in law’s current story is becoming a recurring theme for most women around the country.


All over Abia the security agencies have turned themselves to tax collecting agencies. From the center of Aba town to the army post at Obikabia, it is the same story everywhere.

Rural dwellers while grappling with the dying rural economy due to the dire conditions of her rural roads continue facing harassment from security agencies. 

By 6a.m checkpoints are already manned as vegetable sellers heading to the early morning market are forced to pay amounts ranging from 100 to 200 naira.

The superiors of the men who man our roads claim to be oblivious to the actions of their men but the audacity in which our police and army officers make monetary demands are a clear pointer to their complicity. 


On 20 June 2016, during the Town hall meeting held at Abia Poly, I watched in horror as the governor missed a golden chance to send a clear message to the leaders of our security agencies.

A question had come up about the continued harassment of Abians in Aba and the surrounding areas and the governor replied that they should stop doing what brought the police to our towns in the first place clearly deviating from the major point of the question.

The road passing through the birthplace of Senator Abaribe witnesses the most brazen rate of extortion I have ever seen in my life.

Senator Abaribe has never raised the issue on the floor of the National Assembly. He cannot claim to be unaware of what goes on a few 100 meters from his house.

This is an opportunity to make him speak out but we are a people with short attention span, in a few days we will all move on until the next tragedy then we wail again.


The Corporal who performed Wednesday dastardly act has been apprehended and whatever is done to him will never bring back Chimaobi.

Chimaobi’s candle has been extinguished forever and his family will have to live with that sad reality.

A scholarship through secondary school has been promised by the governor, if he steps down in 2023, what guarantee do we have that the next man would keep to that promise?

What are the plans of the military authorities towards family? These are questions only time can answer.

For now we will keep wailing and watching as we make plans to bury our dead, what happened this week underscores the fact that this place is an Animal Farm.

Life in this country is now worthless; we regularly scream Ozo emena then immediately we try forgetting, another one happens. 

Those that were sent to secure us are now killing us. Odiegwu!