Still Divorce Is No Option

By Ikenga Chronicles February 21, 2020

Still Divorce Is No Option

— By Tai Emeka Obasi

Last night that extended to this morning, I was a guest of Phil Balepo on Heart Menders at Wazobia FM, Onitsha to discuss that DIVORCE shouldn’t be an option in marriage.

It was a call-in programme with a lot of varied and interesting views.

Let me acknowledge that in recent times my female friends on Facebook seem taken aback by my hard stance on things women do. Some sent me very serious inbox messages.

Let me confess here there’s nothing I love more than my wife since after my mother departed to the great beyond. I love and cherish my two daughters very very much. So, I wouldn’t talk down on women for any reason.

But it will be unlike Tai to just look the other way while women go haywire with kitchen knives. In that regard, there’s nothing I won’t write or say against women, if only to make them stop the barbaric acts.

And I repeat, nothing is worth killing for. Those women supporting a woman carving open the bowels of her husband simply because he cheated on her are evil women. They are all devilishly possessed and should be fished out wherever they are and approximately dealt with.

But that’s not encouraging men to cheat. If you marry a good woman, cheating on her will turn her into a bad woman or even terrible woman. Yes, men do cheat and even take it for granted. Think about if your daughter gets someone like you as a husband. If men should always think of their daughters before they act on their wives, the world would be saner.

And women, think of if your daughter-in-law threats your son the way you threat your husband. Would you support her to kill your son simply because he cheated on her?

Now, to divorce. I maintain it’s no option. TOLERANCE and learning how and when to say, ”I’m sorry” and ”please forgive me” will save a lot of marriages.

There are two oaths of marriage – FOR BETTER FOR WORSE and TILL DEATH DO US PART. We all chorus, ”I do” at respective altars, yet file for divorce at slightest sign of trouble. By putting those clauses before saying, I do, it was very clear from the beginning that the union we all go into is fraught with very difficult challenges, hence the oath to NEVER betray it.

Believe me, only cowards take to divorce.

What about the issue of adultery, especially on the part of the woman? That’s what most callers during the programme hammered about. Let me repeat here what I told them.

Of all sins on earth, God allowed man to decide on his wife’s adultery. The Almighty permitted man to either forgive or divorce her. Now, you commit over a 1000 different kinds of sins in your lifetime and yet God forgives you all. Only one He placed onto your hands and you refuse to forgive!

It’s a very difficult thing for any man, including me, but believe me, any man that can forgive his wife of adultery will receive special favour from God.

We don’t pray for any man to face such task but take it from me, say no to divorce. It shatters children affects their overall upbringing, performance and they will carry the psychology into their own marriages.

But women, don’t rejoice yet. Any woman cheating on her husband will receive a special curse from God, even if her husband forgives her. Stay away from adultery, even if you’re temporarily separated from your husband. I believe that the worst sin a woman will ever commit is cheating on her husband. Stay away from that evil act and God will never abandon you.

I took time to dwell on this because I found out early last year that I was busy moving all over the place, struggling for good governance at all levels in my country but ignoring the most important level in my life – my family.

I took a recoil to make certain my wife and kids have the best husband and father at home. Then comfortably, I step up the struggle. And believe me, I’m much happier for it.

Your family is your world. Never ignore them.