The Southern Peoples Parliament

By Ikenga Chronicles January 12, 2018

The Southern Peoples Parliament

— Baron Roy

Together, We Are Stronger!

For two whole days, the people of the Southern Region of Nigeria were in a virtual parliament.

We had no hallowed chambers with the niceties of luxury
We had no stern-looking security to make us feel important
We had no budget to pilfer from
We had no money that we did not work for
All we had was the strength of our convictions
That none among us should be oppressed by anyone
That every individual had a fundamental human right that is inalienable
That none should employ oppressive means to undo the other…

…they had the guns
…they had the government
…they had the media

We had nothing but the strength of our convictions
We had little but our voices
Yet, we faced them down with our unity
We yelled at them till they fled.
We screamed at them till they cowered.
We defeated the oppressor
With a voice so loud that they quaked!

Yesterday, the Southern Peoples spoke with a united voice. I had not seen anything as profound as that all my life. Yesterday, our unity was tested; we had people who tried to turn it into a battle of ethnic nationalities. Together, we stared them down and faced the Oppressor. Even the Senate took note and moved to avert chaos!

Imagine what was achieved with our unity. We did not simply make the oppressor back-off, we sent them a notice of intent!

That we shall no longer be oppressed!
That we shall no longer be divided!
That we shall no longer watch while they play with our destinies!

Imagine the possibilities going forward as a United Southern People. Imagine the Parliament of the Southern Region. Where far-reaching decisions to develop our region are made. Where policies to tune the government are made. Where decisions of our elected Reps in Abuja are made. Where we could determine those who represent us and determine how we would want to live. Where federalism shall be the order and feudalism shall have no say. Where all ethnic nationalities shall be equal and have voices and participation of equal weight. Where merit shall rule and the sense of entitlement would not stand. Where equal opportunity is guaranteed and hard work is rewarded.

We tested our people power; and David killed a Goliath. We should exercise our people power, and change our destiny.

I dare to dream:
of towns and cities in Southern Nigeria developed as Paris, Dubai and New York.
of a region where the rights and welfare of the citizens are a paramount.
of citizens with increased standards of living.
of citizens who would be proud to call Southern Nigeria home.
of a region with the rule of law and respect for the individual.

To dream of a region where a government would exist at the pleasure of the citizens. Where oppression and hopelessness shall have no home and where citizens shall have a right to life and the pursuit of happiness.

I dare to dream, oh, my Southern People, I dare to dream!