So Much Hunger And Disappointment Under Buhari-APC Senator

By Ikenga Chronicles December 18, 2016

So Much Hunger And Disappointment Under Buhari-APC Senator

President Muhammadu Buhari has been asked to thank his stars because angry and hungry Nigerians are yet to storm the streets in protest despite widespread hardship in the land.

The call came through a human rights activist and politician, who represents Kaduna Central Senatorial Districts in the Senate and chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign and Local Debts, Senator Shehu Sani.

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The worst economic recession in the last 20 years has hit the nation under the Buhari administration, despite the promise of change parroted by the APC prior to the 2015 General Elections.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Tribune Newspaper Senator Sani said: “People are actually suffering so much. There is so much poverty, so much hunger. There is so much disappointment in the hearts and minds of our people.”

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‘’But I think we need to understand that as a government we can’t hold this for so long. This government has enjoyed the longest degree of patience from the people in the history of Nigeria: in the sense that Nigerians are still not in the streets protesting, not going on strike. There is no disobedience campaign against the President or the Federal Government.”

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‘’As you can see, even critics of this government are carefully measuring their words when it comes to criticising the government. But we have up to May 29 next year, which is just a few months ahead, for Nigerians to pass a final verdict of whether we have been able to deliver our campaign promises.’’

While responding to questions on why civil society groups have not been mounting pressure on the current government to do the needful, he said; “I think with the death of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, the death of Dr Beko Ransome Kuti, the death of Chima Ubani, there has been progressive decline in the protest of the civil society to engage the government in terms of pressurising it to achieve the aims of nationhood.”

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‘’But the role was different under the military. Our role was combative, but with the return to democracy, most of the civil society activists have dissolved into the system. They are now engaging the ministries of Transport, Health, Works, among others, and through this kind of engagement they have been subsumed into the system and would find it very difficult to raise their voice against injustice, against anti-democratic activities, because they have been taken as part of the system. That is the major problem and a very serious one.’’

‘’However, we still need a vibrant proactive civil society that would put the government in check.’’