Why We Shoot Music Videos Abroad– Efa

By Ikenga Chronicles September 2, 2017

Why We Shoot Music Videos Abroad– Efa

A section of Nigerians has criticized musicians for abandoning the country to shoot videos abroad for reasons unknown.

This reason has been revealed by a rap artiste, Efa Iwara, popularly known as “Efa”, who stated that they shoot music videos abroad because it is cost effective and cheaper.

Iware said in Lagos that in Nigeria people tend to be unprofessional in doing their jobs “which is not the case abroad.”

“There are some sophisticated equipment and modern technologies required for good productions that we do not have in the country and in terms of logistics, it is very terrible here.

“If you schedule a video shoot for 8am, it may not start till 3om or later because of hold-up and other problems.

“If structures and amenities are in place in this country and we have less hold-ups, maybe artistes will not go out to do their videos,” he said.

Iware said that if the artistes were being empowered and if they could get their money’s worth from the works they released, they might be forced to do their shootings in the country.

“They may be able to produce more quality videos because they have the money to go for that.

“If we have videos that are poorly produced and it is showcased, people will not go for them.

“We need to scale up our production to be as good as those produced abroad,” he said.

The musician noted that lack of good equipment in the country was one of the challenges facing production of a good video.

“These equipment cost a lot. It is few individuals that own them and they loan it out for just a day or hours because they will need to give it to others too.”

He said that the country needed to put the right policy in place and give artistes rebates on the importation of musical equipment.

Iware studied Geography in the University of Ibadan.He is a rapper, an actor, who played with a group known as X-Factor in 2011.

His songs are “Sunmobi-2014’’, “Balling Like Don Jazzy-2014″, “Bottom of the Glass-2015″, “Brandi-2o015″, “Obandi” and others.