Sexual Abuse Of An 8-Year Old Girl: A Heartbreaking True Story

By Ikenga Chronicles May 16, 2018

Sexual Abuse Of An 8-Year Old Girl: A Heartbreaking True Story

— Archibong Uduak Jnr

Last night was like every other regular night duty for me, patient folder on table. Very calm and uneventful till this couple walked in and asked if I was the Doctor. I responded yes to them. Somehow, I was not very enthusiastic because of my mood but I was quickly snapped into character by the sight of their 6-8ish old looking daughter who tagged closely behind them.

Malnutrition was my first guess when I saw her as she was looking like she was malnourished, so I suddenly asked; “Is she my patient?”

They responded yes and no.

The father then pulled out a small paper which later turned out to be a form for me to fill—some sort of Police Doctors Report.

At this point, I asked “wetin happen oga” and he responded saying, “Doctor, this my daughter, we catch one boy for our yard toilet de put am hand for body.”

Immediately I heard this, the world around me sort of paused for some seconds because I was dazed.

Long story short, I went ahead to state that this wouldn’t have been the first time. The man said it was the first(said in a manner that sounded like he had prior information of some sort).

I argued very aggressively, refusing to do anything unless I examined the girl. The man the bridge said to me; “Doctor, na this report we come for make we use am collect that boy oga N50,000 for this thing wey them do our child. Police say we go fit collect reach that amount.

I kept on pressing till they let me examine.
On doing a V.E, what I saw was a gaping introitus with whitish substance suggestive of candida. At this moment, the stench blew open the near normal air in the room, so much that my Chaperon exclaimed for help— so much foulness in the air coming from an 8year old.

Probing the poor girl further, I asked,

“Atink na since last year him start to de put hand for your body?”

The girl answered “no ooo, na before before then.” She went ahead to describe an event that tallied with the commencement of this violation to her mom which indicated it was for at least two years. It was then she ascertained that it wasn’t just hand the violator used but he was actively engaging her in active coitus, active sex, 8years old, for 2years, tears consumed me.

Then the Dad, realising I was going blow this out of proportion, stepped in as Daddy that he was na to tell me that it was a family matter. He further told me to write my report, that they’d handle it like a family.

I sadly and angrily went back to doing my job. While at it, the poor girl started coughing uncontrollably. The Mom drew my attention to the cough and asked that I looked into it. So I grudgingly asked how long she was coughing for and they answered “since December”. Then I went further to enquire if she was losing weight?

The mom said yes, but that she’s been giving her something—I can’t still pronounce, something that sounded like concoctions.

I was about to resume my hostility of pressing for investigations to be done when the Dad suddenly asked that they should be leaving.

Long story short, that’s how I met an 8year old girl who was habitually violated without recuse and a set of parents who were either ignorant of how enormous this was or numb to how much damage their daughter has incurred.

The girl left without investigation or treatment despite all our effort. They were in a hurry to return to the Police.

I’ve been trying all day to follow up, sort of contact trace but so far nothing.

I’m still broken.

This happened in Lagos, Nigeria’s most civilised city, scratch that, West Africa’s actually, in 2018. We should be afraid for the rest of Nigeria.