Sex As Prayer — Henry Bassey

By Ikenga Chronicles October 16, 2016

It looked more like a scene from the movie Eyes Wide Shut, but this was no Hollywood. This was a gathering of members of an ancient order, performing a ritual that’s as old as time itself. A ritual that has its roots in ancient Egypt: the “Sacred marriage” or Heiros gamos.

The women were in white transparent gowns, with golden shoes, and golden orbs in their right hands. The men wore black tunics and black shoes. Everyone had identical androgynous masks on their faces, and were arranged in a manner to form a circle: white, black, white, black.

The women’s transparent gowns billowed as they raised in their right hand the golden orbs and chanted in unison;

“I was with you at the dawn of all that’s holy, I bore you from the womb before the beginning of time”.

As the women lowered their orbs, everyone rocked back and forth as though in a trance. The chanting and movement continued and got louder and faster. On a low, adorned altar in the center of the circle laid the High priest, naked, positioned on his back, wearing a mask. On top of him, was the high priestess, naked also, with a mask on; riding him in a cowgirl sex position, gyrating in rhythm to the chanting.

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The ritual of Heiros gamos (greek for “sacred marriage”) dates back two thousand years ago. Egyptian priest and priestess performed it, mostly in Spring (around the equinox; mid-March) to celebrate the creative and reproductive power of the woman. To them, this was more than a sexual-erotic ritual; it was a spiritual act. They believed that man was spiritually incomplete until he had carnal knowledge of the scared feminine. Sex was a way through which male and female experience God.

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Yes, they used orgasm as prayers. Through sexual intercourse with the female, man could be spiritually complete and ultimately gain the knowledge of the divine. During sex, the male climax is accompanied by a splint second completely devoid of thought. A period of complete mental vacuum during which the divine can be experienced.

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It’s not surprising that the idea of sex as a pathway to divinity is mind-boggling. But this belief was also held by the early Jews. Jewish traditions involved ritualistic sex, in the temple. They believed that the Holy of Holies in the temple housed not only God but also His powerful equal, Shekinah. Jewish males, who seek spiritual completeness, would come to the temple to visit and experience the divine through physical union with the priestess or hierodules.

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So why do we feel so guilt-stricken about sex? Our physiologies tell us that sex is natural and the urge is in-born. Sex begat new life. That’s the height of our God-given creative ability. It is a miracle–miracles can only be performed by gods.

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The ability of a woman to produce life from her womb makes her sacred—a goddess. Sex was revered by the ancients as a union of the two halves of the human spirit-male and female- through which the male finds spiritual communion and at-one-ment with the divine.

So when next you are with a woman, challenge yourself to find that spark of divinity that man can only find through union with a woman.

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