Sex Addiction: Is It Really A Thing?

By Ikenga Chronicles May 18, 2018

Sex Addiction: Is It Really A Thing?

— Billy Manas

Last night, I received a phone call from someone I met a while back at an addiction support group; the guy was a wreck.
No, he hadn’t gone out on a two-week long crack binge, and he hadn’t blacked out from drinking and woken up four days later in a different part of the state; he had become entangled with a much younger woman who, from all accounts, seemed to be siphoning off every dime he had, in exchange for carrying on an inappropriate relationship with him.

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Inappropriate, because in addition to being 20 years his junior, she was also still living with the father of her children. It had all the makings of a poorly constructed soap opera.

“This damn sex addiction,” he sobbed, “It’s got me by the neck!”

I listened to him as compassionately as I could, but when we got off the phone, I decided to take a stroll down the Google rabbit hole into “sex addiction.”

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I mean, yes, I know that we, as a society—especially those of us on the progressive side of things—take for granted that sex addiction is a “real thing,” but I want to look into what the medical community has determined.

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Tiger Woods, Anthony Weiner, and countless other celebrities have indicated through publicists and management teams that they suffer from this malady; but there is a pattern I’ve noticed with all of these people.

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They usually make these announcements after they’ve been confronted with their actions and after they’ve hurt a multitude of people—and that makes me a bit skeptical. Are they just creatively trying to weasel out of being accountable for their actions?

According to Dr. David Ley (yes, that’s pronounced “lay”) in his book The Myth of Sex Addiction, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

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