Separated by Time: The Longing of Souls in Love

By Ikenga Chronicles February 15, 2017

Looking back on it all now, it’s miraculous to ponder how time, how all of those missing years, have guided our drifting hearts back toward home once more.

Fate tore our souls apart and dragged us through the depths of hell, so that one day we might fully embrace what true, abiding love really means.

Donning many masks over those turbulent seasons challenged us to recognize and embrace the origins of our true natures, hidden safely away in our lonesome hearts. Braving each impassable storm—weathering, withering and stripping away false identities and lost hopes to reveal that inner-brilliance trying to shine through.

We were close to, but ever-distant from any chance that our longing hearts, defiant minds and persistent bodies might finally intertwine someday.

I would think about you often, imagining what it might feel like if our lips touched for the first time. I’ve wanted you so badly, despite knowing that your fate would lead you wherever the universe deemed necessary, as would mine.

It took every ounce of stamina within me to let go and allow nature to conspire her miracles.

Continually accepting that you may always remain just beyond my threshold, it became increasingly difficult to hide my feelings, and so one day I finally confessed. Months passed by after that, without us sharing a single word, painfully swallowing the reality that perhaps we were never meant to unite in this life after all.

Out of nowhere, you gestured—piercing my heart with a sudden plea. You were seeking connection with someone who related to your own longings, loneliness and insatiable desire to run free—burning so vividly, blinding and serene. It seemed ever-so unlikely, impossible even, but now it feels like we have a genuine chance at foretelling this lovestruck fantasy.

Here we stand—vulnerable, naked and…


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