Sambisa Has Been Captured:They Have Come Again o! by Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo

By Ikenga Chronicles December 26, 2016

As the saying goes, even what appears as good news, are worth very little unless we hold them in the broad, intelligent, and spacious way of reasoning them through.

This time they say, the military has taken over Sambisa forest,abi? And no Chibok girl found and Boko Haram is dead. Laughable.

Shall we do a little reasoning through here then?

So it is good Samaritans alias Alanu ara Zaria that are keeping the 200 girls remaining niyen ooo!The entire Nigerian concept is a joke!
At times I wonder what we carry around in place of brains and reasoning.
We were told that one girl strolled away from Boko Haram Camp in “Sambisa”, and thereafter, her Boko Haram husband mysteriously also surfaced along with her. So, I ask, what have we learn? What have we learnt about where the others are? How she was able to stroll away, and even the supposed Boko Haram hubby too!

And the “Released” ones, in which all those the government claimed participated in their releases–from the Red Cross to the Swiss government and the military– debunked and denied their participation and supposed role!

So I ask again, what did we ask and what did we learn about where they all were kept? Who is keeping them, and where were the others at the time those “released”, were brought out for us all to see?

Sambisa is liberated.Where’s Shekau? Was there a deciding war that totally annihilated the terrorists? Was it that the terrorists withdrew before even the said “liberation” took place?

These are critical questions, and chief of which is; you cannot claim only to have liberated Sambisa forest, as a final end to Boko Haram without giving us the important updates on the whereabouts of the Chibok girls!

6 weeks ago, Boko Haram killed some of our best officers, Lieutenants Colonel and others.
4 weeks ago, Boko Haram went and sacked 2 communities killing scores.
2 weeks ago Boko Haram bombers still struck killing scores.
All these did not happen in Sambisa Forest!

If Nigerians in there usual ineptitude and servitude would not ask same questions as these, but go on to condemn my observations, choosing rather to play the Ostrich, I can only pray Boko Haram will not be the ones to provide these answers for us all.

Merry Christmas my friends…

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