Runs (Episode 9)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 27, 2018

Runs (Episode 9)

A moment later, Akudo’s eyes snapped open. They’d had sex, and she’d touched him with the hand she applied the charm oil.

Her fear was every bit as stark and terrifying as it had been the day she visited Baba. It had taken few minutes to quietly get out of bed, her slight body trembling in fear. This was going to be the last time she was ever going to do something ridiculous for money.

She quickly slipped in her dress and then carried her sandals in her hands. She reached underneath the bed and carried his traveling bag, carrying with her all the money that was in there. Her plan was a simple one; She would runaway and after everything worked, she would runaway with any man to any country of her choice.

She sneaked out of the room and out into the hallway to make her way downstairs.

The night was as black as pitch, except for an occasional jagged stick of lightning that illuminated the reception.

Runs (Episode 8)

A sudden flash of lightning and a roll of thunder shook the hotel and rattled the hotel windows. Rain peppered heavily against the singled roof, running off the eaves and splashing onto the space she stood. And then as suddenly as it started, the rain stopped. She was relieved, because now she would be able to leave. As soon as she opened the door, a car drove in, a young man in his mid thirties walked gently and stood where Akudo stood too.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. “Hello? Are you waiting to see someone?” He asked.

Akudo began to cry softly, “I am stranded sir, please help me,” Her body shook with fear, she was afraid of what she’d done and again she wanted somewhere to hide at the same time.

“Why? What happened?”

“It’s a long story sir, please just help me with a place I can lay my head.”

“Can we lodge here?” He asked.

“No please, not here, somewhere else, my boyfriend wants to kill me, he is an animal,”

“It’s okay, I am Fadad and I will help.” He said as he led her to his car and they drove to another hotel in Ikeja.

Akudo felt the jazz was working, such a handsome young man decided to save her and she was delighted she had gotten her first catch.

“Now, tell me everything.” Fadad said, holding her hands.

Runs (Episode 7)

“Thank you for saving my life from that wicked beast. He would have killed me if I didn’t runaway.” She said. She was uncomfortable with speaking the normal English language, so she coughed and said, “He wan marry me, but I no gree. I come all the way from Lekki to come see this bastard, because him bin tell me sey e get something to tell me, I now come, he talk sey na marriage him want, sey if I no marry am, him go collect all the things wey him don do for me.” She began to sob.

“What has he done for you?”

“He buy me car, buy me house, him don collect everything because I no wan marry am.”

“Why don’t you want to marry him?”

“Him dey beat woman, him too dey beat me. Domesti violence nahin be him problem.” She began to cry, “I dey find true love,” She cried the more.

Fadad shifted toward her and held her firmly, “I am really sorry,” He said. With her heart pounding in her throat, she slid her body into his arms she suddenly held his face and began to kiss him, she closed her eyes and prayed never to come across Chief Anene ever again in her life.

Fadama was no longer being cautious, he grabbed her firmly and turned her on the bed. He knew it was risky, kissing a stranger on the first day, but he didn’t understand why he had to do it.

Taking a moment to gather her thoughts and catch her breath, she wondered what Chief Anene was doing right at that moment, still sleeping, or has realized that his manhood was gone.

Runs (Episode 4)


Chief Anene awoke the next morning to find Akudo gone. He noticed something was missing from his body, he touched in between his legs and his heart fell, “Chineke meh!’ He exclaimed, as he placed his two hands on his head. “My manhood don disapia!” He sprang to his feet, his outraged gaze sweeping the bedroom.

He had almost fainted when he realized that he wasn’t dreaming. He was right at the hotel room and it panicked him to realize that his money was gone too. He held the space between his trousers and panted angrily, “Kai! Me, nwoke dị ike, woman do me this kind thing?” He shook his head. Coats of sweats circulated all over his body, ” Me, Anu ana-agba egbe ona akpa nri, small girl just make my thing to disapia?” He stood to his feet, “Me, Okeosisi, ebube dike! Woman just wan mek my kinsmen for village laugh me.” He gave a loud sigh, “Akudo, a chicken who claims to be mad, has not seen the angry fox. I,” He beat his chest, “Anene, son of Amaechi Azubuike will deal with you, I and my ancestors will deal with you.” He said, and there were pains and sorrows in his tone.


That night, Senator Odin visited Lagos again, he had an emergency meeting with the governors. After the meeting, he lodged himself at the Lagos oriental hotel.

Runs (Episode 5)

He’d sent a driver to go pick Kere, and as she saw the driver, she smiled. ” I have urgent meeting tonight with someone, you will sleep at home alone?” She asked her son, “Of course mom, I’m a man now.” He said. She smiled at him and joined the driver.

Senator Odin kissed her as soon as she alighted from the car. He had waited at the car park for her. “Why didn’t you come home?” She asked. “Your son…” He whispered. “We will need our privacies my love.” He said sensually as he led her to his suite.

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