Runs (Episode 6)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 25, 2018

Runs (Episode 6)

She felt cold and alone when Senator Odin left for Abuja. Her new mansion was a great edifice to behold. She loved everything about her new house. She touched her new red Toyota saloon car frequently, admiring every bit of it. Senator Odin had given her a driver who would teach her how to drive for a month, and also given her a cheque of some huge amount of money to start up business. She was never going to study abroad and leave her son behind, it was going to be a difficult task. She decided to settle for the online university.

She walked around her new house, touching the walls of her rooms, the jacuzzi bathtub at her master bedroom and her new kitchen gave her a fresh air to breath.

Few weeks to go, and her son will be back to their new home. He would be proud to tell his friends that they now lived at their permanent house in Ikoyi. She was going to lie again about how she got the house.

 Runs (Episode 2)

Akudo had not called her since the last time they met. She wanted to do a small gathering house party with Akudo and Barbara, so she called them that morning and broke the news she felt would be exciting to hear.

“I have gotten my own house at Ikoyi, alongside a new car.” She said over the phone to Barbara, she gasped and said, “Ah! You that was staying at that ghetto some months ago, how come?” Kere laughed softly, “hmm. my dear, it’s a long story, until you come sha.” She said.

She’d text them the address to her house and after they’d gone for the house party and sipped wine, ate and danced to the cool music that played from the home theater, Akudo couldn’t help but wonder how Kere became suddenly rich enough to own a car and her own house.

“Abeg, which jazz this babe dey use sef? The man even bought her a brand new car, wetin she get wey I no get sef!” She lamented on their way back from Kere’s house party.

“I for ask am mek she give me the baba number wey do the jazz for am, but she is too stingy, she won’t help us. That babe no be better person.” Barbara retorted.

Runs (Episode 4)

“At all! But I think your baba good na, the Benin baba?”

Barbara laughed, “You don gree now? You go follow me, mek we go upgrade level next weekend for Benin?”

“Ah!” Akudo lifted her two hands up, “If I mistakenly hit maga enh, na America I dey go first before I go enter Dubai. I go do anything to follow live for this Ikoyi.”

“Na Ikoyi the magas dey nau, wey you bin wan go live before? your friend get sense come buy house for Ikoyi, the girl is a fucken prentender, and she go die inside that her wealth.” Barbara said as she stopped at a traffic light, waiting for the green light to show for her to leave.

Few days later, Akudo had made the decision of visiting the Benin Baba, Barbara had talked about.

“Don’t worry, after Baba will cleanse you enh, you will see how men will be falling for you from everywhere.” Barbara reassured her.

They’d drove all the way from Lagos to Benin that morning, and at about midday, they packed in front of a narrowed bush track. “which kind place be this Barbi?” Akudo asked, looking around with a worrisome face.

Runs (Episode 5)

“What do you mean?” Barbara asked.

“No house, no car dey pass for this side, which kind place be this one?”

Barbara laughed, “You think sey juju place dey fine like paradise? Na juju man place we dey go, no be church,” She alighted from her car and locked it carefully, checking again if it is well locked.

“I fear o,” Akudo said.

“You never reach halfway you dey fear? Wetin you go do when you see the real baba face? See babe, this thing na mind o, na mind people dey carry get money, if you no get mind, na mud house you go sidon for village dey sip garri with your broke ass. You wan live for Ikoyi dey compete with celebrities, you no sabi dey kind juju wey those babes don do o. If Kere wan tell you truth, she go tell you sey , she don see worst things pass you for this our runs journey.” She put the car keys in her handbag and removed her heel shoes and held it in her hands, “Follow me,” She led the way into the bush track.

They’d walked for more than two hours. Tasty and tired, Akudo paused. “Babe, I don tire abeg, this kind place too far.”

“We don reach. Get patience.” Barbara retorted.

In few minutes they were right before a thatched house surrounded by big bulldogs. The dogs began to bark as they got close, and as they reached a certain point, Barbara said shrilly, “Baba, baba, your pikin don come back o,” An old aged man came out, his beards were greyed and long to the chest point. He spoke with gait in his tilt as he walked, “Come my daughter,” He said.

“Ah, the baba sabi you well, well o.” Akudo said smiling sheepishly.

“Yes na, I be him customer.” Barbara retorted.

Runs (Episode 3)

After they’d exchanged pleasantries, the old man took them into a dark room in the thatch house, he sat, facing a mirror, while Barbara and Akudo sat behind him.

“Speak.” The man ordered, still staring at the mirror meanly.

“Baba, this my friend no get luck at all, man wey come her way, dey chop am finish give two thousand, one thousand…”

“A times, no shikom!” Akudo added painfully.

“Baba you hear am? I want make you do wetin you do for me too.”

The old man laughed out thunderously, he stared at them and nodded. He spoke incantations, and stood to his feet.

“You shall bring me the manhood of a man, and the world will be at your feet!”

“Ogini!” Akudo exclaimed as she turned to Barbara in shock, “Man peepee?” She asked scarily.

“Calm down, baba never finish.” Barbara said soothingly.

Akudo clamped her jaw and said nothing, but her heart was beating as if it was about to stop.

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