Runs (Episode 5)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 25, 2018

He stared at her as she got neared, his eyes almost burned her skin.

“Good evening,” She greeted softly. He smiled. She was so close she felt the warmth of his body. He held her hand softly and walked her down to the elevator. “I missed you my beautiful,”

“I thought you had forgotten about me.” She said girlishly.

“No, no. You know we Nigerian politicians are the busiest in the world. And again, I told you never to call me, I should be the only one to call you.” He said. The elevator paused at the destination and he kissed her forehead before they walked out of it.

As soon as they stepped into his large, and exclusive luxurious suite, he turned to her and said in whispers, “I want you so bad.”

Senator Odin, one of the finest men Kere had ever known. He was romantic and extremely sweet, and Kere had wished he was never married.

 Runs (Episode 3)

She began unbuttoning her dress. His gaze followed her every movement as he lowered himself on the bed and admired every part of her body.

“I am not here in Lagos for any meeting of any kind, I am here for you alone.” He said. “So, spoil me and use me anyhow you wanna, I will take care of every bill.” His tone had left no doubt that he’d done enough talking for a while.

She jumped on the bed with him, and began to run her hands on his beards. He stopped her hands and pulled her to him. Looking into her eyes, he said, “I love you beautiful, I have always loved you and it’s time I let you know this.” He kissed her gently. She also watched him pull off his clothes, “What do you want me to do for you for a lifetime?” He asked.

Kere chuckled, paused, and then thought for a while. “I want to go to school, send me to a good private university, or maybe an online university.” She said.

“That’s all?”

“You can buy me a car, and give me money to start up a good business for myself.” She added softly.

“Done. I will do all the three my beautiful” He crawled to her playfully, “After I am done with you, we will both go online and find the best online university for you baby, but preferably, I would like you to go study in a real university.”

 Diary of A pastor’s Wife (part 5)

“Anyone Odin,” She said, he blushed at the way she called his name. She loved seeing every part of him. He was a man who looked hefty on television, but in real life, he wasn’t looking much of it. They’d met at a dinner party in Abuja, she had gone there with another man, a fling she’d once had an encounter with. But when Odin saw her, he loved her at first sight and couldn’t resist sending one of his body guards to get her cellphone number.

“I will be fifty by next month. We’ve known each other since I was forty seven, and I want to do something remarkable for you. ” He said, holding her into his arms, and covering the duvet on their naked, cold bodies. “I bought a house for you and your son at Ikoyi,” He said casually, Kere’s heart trembled joyously, she stared at him amazingly with shock on her face, “You’re going to sign the house ownership papers before I leave, then my driver can take you there to see things for yourself,” He kissed her softly on the lip, it’s one of my ways to say thank you for being my little beautiful woman” Kere jumped up from the bed and danced dramatically, falling back on him playfully. “Odin, you drive me crazy! She mounted on him, putting her hands on her hair and scattering it. “I can’t believe it! I will be living at Ikoyi!”

 Memorable July (Episode 18)

“Oh yeah, everything in the house was furnished by Saltan furniture, directly from America, my good friend ex governor Theophilus owns the company.” He said delightedly, like he derived pleasure in making her happy.

She kissed him excitedly and passionately. He stared at her so hard in the eye she could almost believe he could see through her. He showed no emotion at his sudden announcement, “You will stop seeing other men, you will have to stop.” He said. No playfulness remained in his voice as he whispered, Lifting her chin, he added, “I will do more than you want, but stop seeing other men, I am a thousand men in one man.” She had wanted to say something when he placed his finger across her mouth, her heart shattering, tears floated down her cheeks.

 Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 11)

“I love you Kere, I love your child already, it doesn’t matter who I am, or what I am, when I’m with you, I am home.”

She cuddled against him, she had wanted to ask him of his wife and family, but she didn’t want to ruin the night. She was mute all through the moment he talked, she only giggled, smiled or laughed loud at his jokes and endearments.

His hand ran through her ears all through the while and she enjoyed the scent of his skin beneath the duvet.

He placed her head softly on the mattress and began to kiss her softly, making love to her, he was gentle and she cried softly. The room was icy, only the warmness from their bodies sent fire down their spines. They communicated all they felt, without saying a word.

It was an unforgettable night for Kere, and she wrote the memories in her heart.

©Vicky Bon

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