Runs (Episode 4)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 24, 2018

Runs (Episode 4)

The next morning they’d taken a flight back to Lagos. Elkanah and Kere had exchanged phone numbers. He loved her company, and thought he would always see her whenever he visited Nigeria.

Akudo and Kere were in a cab, on their way to the airport when Kere noticed Akudo’s countenance was sad.

“Is everything fine?” Kere asked.

Akudo shrugged, “Aunty Kelechi deceived us, she said these guys were big shots and that they were going to pay good money, how am I going to deduct just five thousand from fifty thousand and pay my dues now.” She sighed and then continued, “I paid flight of twenty two thousand, all the way from Lagos to come see one stingy thing, and Kelechi claimed they are from obodoyigbo.”

“Don’t worry, I will pay for your flight.” Kere said softly.

 Runs (Episode 1)

Akudo stared at her with shock on her face, “How much did that bald head man give to you that you want to pay my flight? E reach fifty thousand? He looked like a very stingy man.”

Kere laughed, “He was actually really nice o, he gave me eight hundred.”

Akudo gasped, “Eight hundred wetin, Naira?”

“Eight hundred thousand. He paid me in dollars. See nau,” Kere showed her the money in her handbag.

“Jesu! Keke, na wetin you do wey I no do? This man grind me for five good times, e turn me left, right, center, even do wheelbarrow style join.”

Kere laughed. ” Don’t worry, I will dash you fifty thousand. I would have given you more, but I have to relocate from that local neighborhood. I want to move to Lekki or Victoria Island, and then change my son’s school to a better one.”

Akudo stared at Kere mutely, She was dumbfounded and didn’t believe that anyone would pay such huge amount of money for just sex.

 Runs (Episode 3)

She didn’t see the normality in Kere’s lifestyle. She didn’t believe her. She had started suspecting that she was using jazz to control men. When they arrived Lagos, they all got to their different destinations. As soon as Akudo alighted from the kekenapep that carried her from the junction of her street, she called Barbara.

“You won’t believe it!” She exclaimed, “You see that Owerri runs we go? Your so-called bestie carry jazz, she rub jazz everywhere for her body go collect eight hundred thousand. The man paid her in dollars, but na the same work the man wey knack am and my man dey do o. Guess how much my own olodo man give me?”

“Hundred thousand?” Barbara said over the phone.

“If e give me reach hundred thousand make my breast cut!” Barbara laughed out loud. “Na even that your pretentious bestie wey dash me fifty thousand.”

“You see how life be? That babe dey use serious jazz. She no get love tell us o. Who she fine pass sef, wey man go dash am that kind money? mek I tell you truth, girls wey dey waka with clear eyes no dey again o. If you like, hear me. When you ready, I go carry you meet that my baba for Benin. Him go give you so many options. So no worry, we go paint this town red, rock better hairs, wear better designers clothes.” She boasted.

“Instagram people go suffer enh!” She exclaimed.

Runs (Episode 2)

“I bin know sey that Kere dey use correct jazz. Even her body cream she dey hide am, she no fit tell us wetin she dey use wey her body dey shine like that. She go lie sey na Vaseline,” Barbara said.

Akudo laughed, “No mind am, serious lie, lie pikin.” She shrugged.

The two women talked over the phone for a while until they’d reached the point the airtime exhausted.

Kere took her time to find a suitable apartment for herself and her son. She finally got a two bedroom flat at Badore, Ajah. She had bought new furniture for her son’s bedroom, painted the walls with a blue acrylic paint, and decorated them with his favorite cartoon character. She stared at the whole house and smiled proudly, her son would love their new home, and she was going to lie to him again about how she got the money for the house. The last time he asked about how she got money for the generator, she’d lied that someone had blessed their lives.

She placed the photo frame of her son and hers on the sitting room wall and admired it for a few moment.
She decorated her new kitchen with new shelves and fixed a new gas cooker too. Every Saturday during the holidays, she was going to bake cakes and puff-puff with the new cooking gas and she and Ndiana were going to sit on their new large balcony to sip fruit juice and eat them with ease, while they talk about football and Mr Joe, her son’s favorite teacher.

Her phone rang and she smiled at it when she saw who was calling, her favorite man, Senator Odin.

“Baby girl, meet me at the Lagos oriental hotel by 9pm, the driver will pick you up by then.”

“Okay baby.” Kere retorted excitedly. She knew what was coming for her; Good sum of money, gifts, and sweet vacation. Senator Odin was madly in love with her, and for once had never talked about his family, not his wife.

The day he arrived Lagos, he’d sent his driver to pick up Kere at her new apartment. He was mesmerized by her look when he first saw her from the entrance to the hotel reception. Her stare met his, and she was absolutely aware that in less than few minutes, he was going to tear her apart and lick her up like a baby licking a delicious pudding.

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