Runs (Episode 3)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 24, 2018

Runs (Episode 3)

Owerri smelt of wonder.

Akudo’s friend Kelechi, who lived in Ofere-Owerri had introduced her to the runs deal. She’d asked her to come with one of her friends, and Kere was the only trusted friend she had.

They’d waited patiently at the hotel bar for the men to finish their meetings at the congress hall.

An hour later, the two men arrived the bar, their eyes lingered on only Kere. She looked back to see the two men staring at her, then she took her eyes away.

The older man with bald head walked hastily and sat opposite her. “Hi black beauty?” She smiled at him, exposing her gap tooth.

“Hello,” She said softly.

“I am Elkanah, and you?”

  Runs (Episode 1)


Akudo’s eyes misted with Jealousy when she saw that the other man wasn’t talking to her.
She inhaled deeply when she saw him walk slowly toward her. It was obvious he was uninterested in her. But he comported himself and sat by her. She was the only option he had.

Akudo had wore her nose ring and lightened her red dyed curly hair. “Hi, I’m Azikiwe,” The man said in a baritone voice. Akudo shrugged stylishly, ‘” i’m Kasandra,”

“Nice name for a beautiful girl,” The man said. “Can we get to know each other?” He asked kindly.

“Bros, na wetin you wan know pass sey I be runs girl? I be ashawo, nothing pass that one. You give me money, I open leg for you, you enter! I clean my mouth, we go our way.”

Azikiwe got irritated by Akudo’s words. “Kelechi said you were a sweet soul.”

“na soul you want or na body?”

Azikiwe chuckled, “Let’s get to the hotel room, I need to rest.” He said as he stood to leave, he then turned to Elkanah, “I am leaving for my room.”

“See you later.” Elkanah said, as he placed his focus on Kere.

Elkanah and Kere talked over a few bottles of red wine and goat meat pepper soup. They talked intelligently about a lot of things. He desired her, of course most men did. She recognized that fact without a trace of vanity.

 Runs (Episode 2)

Elkanah had fallen for her at first sight, but he was afraid she wasn’t going to abide by his sexual rules.

He held her hand into the elevator and he couldn’t wait to hold her natural assets with his bare hands. They got into the room and Kere, who was already tipsy fell on the soft couch. She laid there for moments, watching TV, while Elkanah went through some files. When he was done, he closed the files and walked to her, “I don’t like normal sex. My kind of sex is unusual.” Elkanah said.

Kere giggled, she didn’t understand what he meant by normal sex, except she was having it with an object, then she was ready to protest and walk away.”

“I love doing it through the anus. I hate doing it at the other side.” He said in British accent.

Kere felt irritated, she had tried anal sex once with one of her Igbo men friends, who is an igbo chief. she didn’t like it. But if huge money was going to make her go down with Elkanah, then she was going to try it again.

Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 9)

unable to bear the sight of Elkanah’s view, she spun around and gripped the edge of the table.

“If you’re serious about doing this anal sex no problem,” She pulls her blouse and begins to unstrap her girdle, exposing the round tires of her belly, “how much will you pay me?” Kere asked.

“I give you five hundred thousand cash and carry.” Elkana said, trying to speak the Nigerian English.

“Too small, make it eight hundred and I will give you two rounds. You don’t know that anal sex is painful?” She opens her palms and points at him, “money for hand first, back for ground!”

He smiled sheepishly, “That’s huge sum of money.”

“You have it.”

“I am not saying I don’t have it, I do, but I have important stuffs to do with money.”

“So, I am not important?”

“I never said so, you’re important to me. All I’m saying is that…”

“Never mind, that’s what I want. Eight hundred thousand.”

Elkanah began to pull his clothes, he was left with only his shorts when he pulled out a portfolio by the corner of the couch and brought out a full wrap of dollar notes and placed it on the center table. “That’s it.”

Kere smiled at the money. She picked it and thought it was going to take a lot of time to count them. “Let me trust that this is complete.” She said. He smiled down at her, and his skin looked even darker against the white couch.

 Oty’s Autopsy (Episode 11)

“Condom?” She asked.

“Sure,” He replied as he jumped up and searched through his trouser pocket to find the condom. “I heard Nigerian condoms aren’t that good, so, I brought mine from London.”

“London or wherever, condom is condom.” Kere retorted as she checked through her handbag and got a lubricant. When she showed it to Elkanah he smiled and said, “Nigerian girls are so smart…”

She went into his arms and began to massage him gently. “I want to be high first before anything else.” Elkanah sighed aloud, “You’ve got excess rules, it’s not fair, you’re dealing with human emotions.”

Memorable July (Episode 19)

“Whatever, get me four tots of whisky.” She said in the circle of his arms, he was lost, her cheek rested on his shoulder. He could perceive the scent of her hair shampoo as he brushed his nose gently against her soft natural hair. “You don’t act like a whore, I feel like you’re my lover.” He said.

Kere smiled, “I am a whore, not your lover, order me whiskey.” She said sensually as she stripped off her clothes and stood naked right before his eyes. His brain paused at an abrupt halt, he couldn’t breath. Her skin and every part of her body drove him crazy.

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