Runs (Episode 20)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 7, 2018

Runs (Episode 20)

“I’d like to stand here and wonder why you ran away with my son who was barely a month old. You ran away leaving me in deep mystery and sadness. I spent all of my life thinking about you and him, I thought you had died; You, him? I thought you were no more in existence until my cousin Dido told me he’d seen you a couple of times here in Lagos, I had to order for a follow up immediately. You deserted me and took my son away from me Kere Edidem, why?” He said, his voice was sensually husky as he asked softly.

Kere couldn’t say a word, she was dumbfounded and weak as she stared at the man she’d once loved; her first love, the man who led her to womanhood and deflowered her. She got pregnant in her second year in senior class two, and their love story suddenly crumbled.

“When you’re done, you will leave. Your son isn’t in existence…”

“Just shut up.” He said tolerantly, but calm.

“Please leave, Mr Governor, leave…”

 Runs (Episode 19)

“Kere…” His voice was bold, and serious now, “You know me too well, I will not give up on the search for my son. I will find him, and I will take him away from you, except my name is not Henessi Nteng Isobara, then you can call me a failed man!”

“You’re a failed man, you will do nothing to me Henessi, you’re a failed man indeed.”

Henessi gave a chuckled laugh and sighed, shaking his head, “You’re still like this Kere? You’re still that roaring lioness huh? You think you can belittle me and cause me more pains? I have found you, I will find my son.”

“Never! You may only take my son away from me over my dead body, not while I am still breathing. Not what your mother did to me.”

Her last sentence struck him. “Why are you calling my mom into this?”

 Runs (Episode 10)

“Your mother made me think this world was too harsh and unloving a place. I loved my son too much, I didn’t want to commit suicide and die. Your mother played a part in my frustrated life of sufferings. She was the one who ordered me to run away, else she was going to kill me and kill my baby. She gave me five hundred naira and asked me to leave. I was only a naive teenager, stranded and miserable. She said I was going to cause shame to her family, if I kept staying there I would cause shame to your wealthy family, and to your father who was a minister back then. I had to runaway, with nothing, no baby food, no diaper, nothing!” She broke down in tears, “Your mother even said, if I wasn’t leaving she would poison my meals. I ran into the streets at early hours, in that cold, the wind blew me and your son, the rain fell on us. He sucked my empty breast, and when he couldn’t find milk, he wept bitterly. I had to beg to feed. I was abused, I was called names, yet, I still strived hard to write my WAEC so that I could work with it and feed and clothe my son. You were taken abroad to study, and you didn’t care about us…”

“I sent letters, I sent money through my mom. She told me you and the baby ran away because you said you didn’t love me anymore, that you ran away with all I sent.”

 Runs (Episode 14)

Kere laughed painfully. “Your mother, is incredible. How does she sleep at night, knowing that she had a teenager running around the streets of Uyo in tattered clothes with her one month old innocent baby, who knew nothing of her mother’s crime?” She wiped her tears and lifted her eyes boldly to him, “You might have the world at your feet now Henessi, your family might be wealthy and influential. But I swear to you with my life, that nobody will take my son away from me, you’re the least human I can fight over a matter like this Henessi.” She said and turned to Moremi who was listening to their conversation with pity in her eyes. “Get all stocks checked,” She took her handbag and was about to walk away when Henessi held her, “Leave my arms now…”

“I am sorry. My life has been crazy all the while without you. I would have been a loving father, can’t you remember how I felt when I held him in my arms the first day he was born? He was so little, I cuddled him till the next morning. I was twenty five, we fell in love and we made a mistake. I loved you with my life, and up till a moment like this, despite my powerful status in the country, I am still in love with you, I am still dying to own you, nothing has changed.” She became weak, as she stared at his eyes, “It’s twelve years, but yet, the feeling is still fresh like a new born baby.”

A look of unease crossed Kere’s pretty, oval face. She hoped that he was married so that she could have a strong reason not to let go of her son.

 Runs (Episode 17)

“I have missed you so much.” He said.

Kere forcefully took her hands off his, “Henessi, you can leave now please, just leave…” She said and walked away.

She drove home that day feeling uneasy. As she drove, she was checking behind her if they were following her. She didn’t care if her son was going to be privileged to be the son of a governor, she was never going to let him take away her son. She was going to protect him with her life no matter how hard he kept trying.

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