Runs (Episode 19)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 6, 2018

Runs (Episode 19)

Kere was on vacation at the hilltop hotel in Lagos Island, she was bored and had missed her son.

She admired the beautiful scenario, and toward the setting of the sun, where streaks of light blazed across the beach side. For a moment, she closed her eyes, searching for equilibrium, summoning the enduring bounty of nature to enter her and fill her spirit with harmony. When she opened her eyes she was still there, beautifully seated in her turquoise blue bikini wear and a swimming shade, and womanly soft and attracting.

She was strikingly beautiful, but she was more than that.

She took another sip of her pinakolada and the thoughts of how long she was going to stay again at home before her son returns back for the long vacation saddened her. Barbara had been calling her a lot of times, and she told her she was busy and not ready to be her friend anymore. She had ended it all, she wanted to be free off every negative human and Barbara and Akudo were the two people she deserted first.

“Hi beautiful lady?” A young man dressed in a black suit and a white shirt said sweetly, he had a dark sunshade on, and he smelt of a strong masculine perfume that still stayed when he left. Kere turned calmly to him, ” My boss is up there,” He pointed to the rooftop, “He wants me to have your number.” Kere laughed, a quiet laugh.

 Runs (Episode 20)

“Do you people still do these things these days huh? So, your boss doesn’t have legs? His pride won’t let him come down from that rooftop and talk?”

“He is not proud ma, it’s just that, my boss doesn’t want to be seen like that. He is influential and powerful public figure in the country.”

“Who cares? Whatever he is, it’s his business and not mine.”

“Ma, you won’t regret dinning with my boss.” The young man went on as he handed her a cellphone. Kere had deliberately withdrawn into the reserve and silence.

When he had stood there for moments and saw that Kere wasn’t answering him, he said, “Have a blissful day ma.” He walked away and Kere could only sigh softly under her breath.

She took the last sip of her pinakolada and dressed to leave. She’d been there for just two days, and she had missed selling at her perfume shop despite that she had a salesgirl now.

 Runs (Episode 16)

She walked to the car park and drove away quietly. A car was right behind her on the traffic, a black hummer jeep, followed by another one. She’d been watching them from her car mirror since she’d left the hotel, she drove to the left and they followed too. She didn’t know who they were, but she was sure they were after her.

After she’d dodged them for a while, she discovered they weren’t following her anymore. She appeared at her shop. Her new salesgirl Moremi smiled as she saw her alight from the car.

“Welcome ma,” Moremi said as she helped with Kere’s handbag.

“Thank you,” She said seriously. “Have you sold?” She asked.

“Yes, but not like yesterday.” Moremi said.

“At least, you sold something these few days right?”

“Yes ma.”

Moments later, the same hummer jeep she’d seen on the traffic light parked in front of her shop. “We have a customer madam.” Moremi said. Kere looked up and her heart fell as a fine tall man stepped out of the car, dressed in a pair of Jean and a green T-shirt, his eyes were covered with brown sunshade. He looked simple, but obviously rich and classy. He was followed by two bodyguards, dressed in a same color of suits. Kere was relieved when she saw the young man who spoke with her about his boss, Kere was now aware that they had followed her from the hotel.

 Runs (Episode 10)

As they stepped into the shop, the scent of various perfumes struck their noses calmly.

“Welcome ‘sas’, what do you want sas?
” Moremi asked.

“I want her,” He said, as he pointed to Kere.

Moremi smiled, she knew that men were always after her madam. Since she’d started working for Kere, different caliber of men had been there to plead her to have a relationship with them. But Kere wasn’t interested.

“Hi beautiful woman,” He said, as he pulled out his shade. Kere’s eyes widened, she gasped in surprise as she startled in deep shock.

He’d let his true self show, and he knew she would recognize it.

“What are you doing here Henessi?” She asked meanly in a shaky tone. “Careful,” He warned.

“Please leave now or else I will call the police.” She threatened.

“You wanna call the police on a governor? Don’t you think you would be involving yourself in a big problem if you do that?”

“I don’t give a damn about who you are, leave now before I do something really terrible.”

“Like coming to kiss me? What can you do to me Kere Edidem? Spank me in the face or break these bottles of your expensive perfumes on my head then I will pay for them.”

 Runs (Episode 12)

“Get out!” she exclaimed bitterly.

“When you’re done screaming like a mad girl, you let me know.” Henessi said, as he lowered himself on the customer seat.

She knew she was distracted by his looks, and that the way she sounded toward him a moment ago was unkind.

“You’re still beautiful, just like you were when we first made love at the marina resort at Eket, remember?” He asked sensually.

Kere turned to him tolerantly, “What can I do for you to leave my shop?”

“Come and kiss me first, let’s begin from there Kere. She turned shyly to look at Moremi’s face and then she looked at his men’s face. “I know you do not have shame Henessi, but just help me get your ass off here.”

He paused and scanned the ceiling, staring at the black color chandelier for a moment, he then asked, “Where is my son?” His face suddenly became bold and calm.

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