Runs (Episode 18)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 5, 2018

Runs (Episode 18)

“Let’s go back to the house, you could stay there as long as you want till you can get yourself back together and start life all over again. I will explain to my elder brother.” Sinem said.

Akudo disregarded his statement as Sinem tried to lift her from the sandy floor.
She wiped her tears and sighed. “Where do I begin life again?” She asked, looking miserable.

“Let’s leave here first, and we will talk about this.”

Akudo reluctantly held his hand and she stood to her feet, dusting away the scanty sands on the back of her dress. She kept staring, the imagination of her one room apartment reappeared in her mind. She got into the car and kept staring at the broken stones till she could no longer see them.

When they got back to the house, she was mute while Sinem did the talking. He led her to the quarters and showed her the same apartment, “You will stay here for now.”

“Thank you so much Oga taxi driver…”

“Sinem.” He cut in.

She inhaled, “Sinem, I’m grateful.”

 Runs (Episode 16)

“I want to get you some clothes, shoes and some basic stuffs. But I have to wait so that you can come over this a bit.”

Akudo smiled softly and nodded.

He walked out, slamming the door, Akudo stood in the middle of the living room alone thinking if Sinem was really going to keep her there in his elder brother’s boys quarters.
Few moments later, he was back to the quarters, he knocked softly on the door.

“Come in,” Akudo said.
“Are you ready?” Sinem asked, lshe nodded.

“Yes. I am grateful for what you’re about to do for me Sinem. I promise you, I will try hard to pay you back.”

“Don’t worry about paying me back. I am not doing this to get paid back.”

“I will find a job as soon as possible.” Akudo said.

“What can you do?”

“Anything,” She shrugged.

“What where you doing before?”

“Nothing.” She said calmly.

Runs (Episode 15)

“Nothing? absolutely nothing? Then how did you get the money to get yourself an apartment at iyana paja? How did you survive without a job?” He asked, as he studied her face for a long time and her heart pounded too heavily. She was never going to tell him that she was sleeping around with men for money, it might cost her another shelter to survive for a while.

He didn’t care anymore when she ignored him.

He took her shopping at a local market by the house and she carefully chose her basic needs. He’d bought her varieties of clothings, shoes, and slippers, and she’d wondered where he got the money from.

“You’ll do one thing for me.” He said, as they drove home.”

“What?” She asked smilingly, too excited for the clothes she’d got.

“You will have to start looking like a descent woman, and turn your hair into something normal and admirable.”

“Wetin that one come mean now? So, this my hair no make sense to you?”

“I didn’t say that, I mean it doesn’t make you look descent.”

she sat up, “Wetin be the difference between your last sentence and the one wey you talk before. The hair no fine, e no fine…”

“English please!” Sinem exclaimed. She coughed out loud and then inhaled a sharp breath, “take me to the nearest salon let me make my hair.” She said with a bittered tone.

“Good girl…” Sinem said, “You will see how beautiful you will look after you’ve made a descent fine hair.”

Akudo kept a straight unsmiling face mutely.

“And again, I hope you will come to church with me uh?”

 Runs (Episode 13)

“I have not been to church for eleven years now.”

“Jesus Christ!” Sinem exclaimed.

“Don’t tell me the devil is in me please. Church people!”

“Of course the devil lives in you, see Akudo, if you Want to live in my brother’s house, you must go to church.”

It was as if Sinem was making rules for her in his brother’s house, she sighed and said, ” it’s what life has cost me, I would have been in my small house now at iyana paja.” Her voice faded away.

He’d taken her to a salon owned by his church member.

“Pastor sir,” The lady said, standing to her feet respectively.

“Mrs Ogugua, It’s good to be here.” Sinem said.

“Welcome sir.” Another young woman greeted.

Akudo wondered why a common taxi driver like Sinem was given so much honorable welcome just because he was a pastor.


Akudo looked different on her Ghana weaving braid, she was beautiful. Her face stood out pointedly, shiny and calm. Sinem wondered if she was the same woman she’d carried a day before yesterday. She was different and was beautiful beyond words.

“Black hairs fit you so well.”

“I look weird with it.”

“No, no, you’re absolutely gorgeous with it.”


 Runs (Episode 14)

“Yeah, haven’t you seen how I’ve been admiring you since?” Akudo chuckled.

“Well,” She smiled cheerfully, “Thank you.” “Why are you not carrying passengers on the road? I think we’re going the same way.”

“I am taking you home so that we prepare for church service.” He said. She nodded calmly, mutely she stared at the roads and read each sign posts they drove by until they got home.

Suddenly, there was closeness between them, a new and joyful sharing.

©Vicky Bon