Runs (Episode 17)

By Ikenga Chronicles August 3, 2018

Runs (Episode 17)

They talked as they ate breakfast together.

He was nibbling softly on his croissant, while she swallowed lumps of garri deep in oily afang soup that was made with goat meat, stockfish and kpomo.

He smiled and listened to her stories. “You must have fulfilled some very bizarre fantasies,” He remarked.

“Well, maybe,” She shrugged. “Once I had a Boyfriend who always wanted to have sex with me only by twelve midnight.”

“Did you do it?”

“Of course not,” She laughed. “But I regretted not doing it afterward.”

“Why, it was good you didn’t.”

“The girl who actually did it was my childhood friend Ndidiamaka. He got her a big car, and married her sef, but she died during childbirth. Everyone in the village said he used her for money rituals,”

“How did they know that?”

Runs (Episode 16)

“Because after the girl’s death, he built a house in the village that had a swimming pool in the sky…”

Sinem chuckled, “Swimming pool in the sky?” He asked with an amused smile.

“Yes, a swimming pool in his rooftop or so. Then he bought five new cars all at once, and dashed two to his mother. His mother was called eze nwaanyị nke ego.”

“What does that mean?” Sinem asked as he gulped down the coffee.

“Queen of money.” She swallowed another few lumps. “He lived in a one room apartment in Onitsha, but had over sixteen bedrooms mansion in his house at the village.”

She changed the subject, “This meal is nice. It’s not that type of afang they prepare at one restaurant in my town at Owerri. This one is Afang soup. ”

“Well, we own it. Just that we too will never be able to handle ofe owerri like you people.” He said.

He looked at her for a moment, as if considering something. “Are you born again?” He asked.

“I was once. My father was a pastor in our main church at agbor hill in Aba.”

 Runs (Episode 13)

Sinem widened his eyes amazingly, “Wow, that’s great.”

“What’s great about a man who served God all his life, yet, he was still poor and couldn’t send his children to school? He died like a poor, wretched pagan.”

Sinem was quiet for a while, “God is God, no matter how you may twist this.”

“I never want to hear that,” She said quietly, her mood had changed to a calm one when she washed her hands in the stainless basin. “I am good to go,” She said as she stood to her feet.

Sinem rushed over his coffee as he gulped down and choked softly. He coughed.

“Ah! no let anything do you o, na you be my own savior now, the only friend wey I get.” She said as she poured water in a tumbler and handed to him.

He stared at her face before he got it, “Thank you” He said softly and gulped down the ice water.

Few moments later they were ready to go. She was thankful, even if she wouldn’t say it loud to his ears. She was wearing the same gown she had worn the previous night. It was stained with dirt and dark blood. As she walked to the car garage, she noticed that Sinem’s car was the cheapest and simplest car in the garage.

“Your brother bought you this car?” she asked. Sinem nodded. “He bought you a small car and kept this big ones for himself, is it because you’re a pastor?” She asked. Sinew laughed, “Why? Do pastors drive cheap cars?”

“There are no rich pastors in my village, all they drive is one small kpako car that was given to them by a member who is also struggling to eat one meal in a day. My father had only one bicycle till he died. My younger brother, Nnanna inherited it. It was the only inheritance my father left behind; His bible and bicycle.”

Runs (Episode 15)

Sinem laughed out loud he almost choked, “So, if a pastor wants to marry you now, you will decline?”

“I won’t think twice, capital ‘no’ for such a pastor.” She shrugged.

Sinem smiled. Akudo was the kind of girl who made him laugh so hard. There was no dull moment with her. He thought of the things she’d said before when she wasn’t there and giggled.

They’d driven out of the compound, and Akudo thought she was going to miss all the beautiful things she saw. Such houses were built in Ikoyi, Lekki and Victoria Island. She wondered how long it took to build such a mighty house.

Few hours later, and they were almost at her house. She had started giving directions to her street when she noticed everything wasn’t the same.

“I have been away for just few months, and everything has changed.” She muttered to herself.

Her heart fell when she saw that houses and stores were demolished.

“Are you sure this is where you live? This place was demolished since a month ago by the Lagos state government, it was in the news. These lands are government property now.” Sinem said.

“My landlord’s house won’t be among.” She said hopefully.

Runs (Episode 9)

But as he kept driving down the streets, she noticed her house had been demolished too. She’d seen a pole that was by her compound. “Stop here.” She said as she alighted from the car and stood helplessly to watch, “This used to be my compound, my neighbourhood.” She said in soft whispers and held her heart. “My stuffs, my stuffs, my clothes and television, my DVD, everything has been taken down just like that?” Tears rolled her eyes. Sinem packed the car at a corner and walked toward her, “Are you okay?”

She stared at him with a teary eye, “all I ever had has been taken away from me.” She cried out softly as she lowered herself to the sandy floor.

“Don’t do this Akudo,” Sinem said, trying to hold her, but she was weak and sad as she cried out softly. His eyes lifted to hers, so still, so dark, reflecting the deepest sadness he’d ever seen in a woman’s eyes.

©Vicky Bon